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Nov 16, 2006 01:34 AM

Skiing in Utah at Park City What's Good to Eat

I am looking for any good eats within 30 minutes or miles of Park City. Also anybody know of some great place up there to go for New Years Eve

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  1. Drive over to Sundance - both restaurants there are wonderful - The Tree Room is more upscale, but the Foundry Grill also great - definitely do their Sunday Brunch - one of the best ever!!

    1. Wow, you are brave. Park City over Christmas holiday! I get out of town then, too busy.
      Local places I would recommend:

      Loco Lizard - non-standard Mexican food. More than just tacos, burritos and enchiladas.
      Sushi Maru - the local's sushi bar. Mikey doesn't have to advertise, we locals keep him busy.
      Eating Establishment - our favorite place in town for breakfast.
      Spencer's Smokin' Grill - decent, fast, inexpensive BBQ.
      El Chubasco - our "hole in the wall" Mexican. It's where the local Latino population goes for food.
      Bangkok Thai on Main - actually good Thai food. They have been recognized for their wine list, too.
      These places aren't expensive. They are well visited by us locals, so the prices aren't "resort" quality.
      Now, for some higher-end places, where you'll have to make reservations, given you're there over the Holidays:
      Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley - it's a fantastic spread. We splurge once a year for it.
      Mariposa at Deer Valley - high-end dining. Usually they have prix fixe dinner available, with a vegetarian option.
      Glitretend at Stein Erikson Lodge - our favorite place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries. Excellent wine list, with wines that won't gouge your wallet, varied entries, they will modify things if you ask, and some of the best desserts I've had anywhere.
      Wahso - Asian fusion dining. Good saketinis.
      Shabu - Asian fusion dining. 2 or 3 years ago, rated one of hte top 100 new restaurants in the U.S. by Conde Nast/Food & Wine.

      As for a place to go to for New Year's Eve, I honestly can't think of one. Do you want a bar atmosphere or something fancy?

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      1. The Riverhorse Cafe is the swankiest eats whats the missus and I know from roundabout these parts. "On January 16th, 2000 the Riverhorse received the ultimate honor in the hospitality industry, when it was selected by the Mobile Travel Guide as one of the top 233 restaurants in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Riverhorse is the first restaurant in Utah to ever receive this highly coveted award and the only restaurant in the state to ever be honored with both the DiRoNA Award and the Mobile Four Star Award." -

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          But, the chef who garnered those honors for the restaurant is no longer there. He runs Mustang now.
          I always thought the Glitretind is far better than The Riverhorse.

        2. To second a couple of the cheaper recs above, I also like Loco Lizard and Bangkok Thai. My boss loves Chimayo. I have always liked Snake Creek Grill (it's in Heber City, but definitely less than 30 minutes/miles from Park City).

          As for New Years Eve, I believe Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley always has a big party. The Homestead Resort as well. Not having been, I don't know how great they are or what style. Like another poster said, all the resorts will probably have something going on. Suede, a club in Kimball Junction, will probably have a big show/party. Depends what you're looking for, I guess.

          1. We were in Park City back in March, so you might want to check out what I posted after I returned. As far as fine dining, Riverhorse is not as great as it used to be because the chef that was there when the place received all it's stellar reviews has moved to Mustang. The husband had dined at Riverhorse once when it was terrific, once after the new chef had taken over, and then with me at Mustang. His opinion is that the first time at Riverhorse was great, the second time was mediocre, but Mustang was his favorite.

            I know Shabu is the hot place to go, but we couldn't get in the door that night and went up to Kampaii. The food was really outstanding.

            If you're staying in Park City, you'll have tons of options all of them very good.