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Nov 16, 2006 12:58 AM

rabbit in cancun

My friend is a rabbit freak and wants to eat one in Cancun. I wouldn't mind, either, but frankly I am a little skeptical ( and nervous) about our chances of eating this dish in Cancun. Anyone out there with any info?

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  1. Cancun is a Mexican culinary wasteland. It will be very hard to find something decent within the tourist area. With that said here are some tips:

    > Many of the people that work in Cancun's tourist industry are transplants from Central Mexico... eat where they eat. You can try Rosa Mexicano or La Parilla.

    > Sanborns doesn't always have Rabbit... but they do feature it as a monthly specialty quite often (although I don't think this would necessarily be the best rabbit season)... they have a location in downtown Cancun.

    If you are willing to travel a little bit... about 1 hour south of Cancun you will find Playa del Carmen (its near most of the snorkeling attractions you might hit anyway)... that is where all the domestic tourists go (particularly from Mexico City & Monterrey)... that is where you will find the best food on the coast. Just ask around for Conejo (Rabbit)... a few people agree on a place, its probably pretty good.

    If you go inland to places like Izamal or Valladolid, you might have a good chance... again just ask.

    If you make it to Merida, then you will probably find Rabbit at one of the following Mexican restaurants (note in this part of the country... the local cuisine is Yucateca... any other type of Mexican is simply Mexican to them & they view it as just another foreign cuisine):

    > El Porton
    > Montecristo
    > Karnes y Karnitas
    > Guisos Mexicanos Mis Chiles

    1. Update... I recently learned that Patria Quintana has opened an Izote in Cancun. This offshoot of one of Mexico City's best Mexican Haute restaurants is bound to be great & may very well have rabbit.