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Nov 16, 2006 12:52 AM

Freezing Pumpkin pie

Can i freeze a baked pumpkin pie with no ramifications?...i've got uberlimited space and need to move things up and out..

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  1. I have frozen it many times. Just saw a blurb in Gourmet about it being very freezable.

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      Thanks so much...did you thaw it with the plastic wrap on or off? i'm a little worried about sweat.

    2. In my experience, freezing a pumpkin pie gives you a grainy, icky texture.

      1. The back of the can says don't freeze it because the crust will separate from the filling.

        1. I tried to find the reference to freezing pumpkin pie but could not immediately put my hands on it. I thought it was in Gourmet but I get way too many food magazines so I could well have been wrong. Anyway, in my past experience, I have just covered the cooled pie with foil, placed in a heavy-duty freezer zip-lock bag, then defrosted the night before in the refrigerator. I will admit that there are plenty of references to not freezing it - I just have never had a bad experience. This year I made a pumpkin-pecan cheesecake type thing with gingersnap crust and froze it. I'm wondering how it will turn out - thankfully I cook for a grateful crowd!

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            I have frozen a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust--freezes beautifully :).

          2. Thank you all. I've made 12 pies and have 4 more to make (I know,itsalottapie!) and have essentially run out of refriderator space, what with the 5 turkeys I've got sitting in there not to mention the fresh veggies; hence my need for the freezer...I'll have the ability to compare the refridgerated vs. frozen pies on tuesday however, as its our annual "thanksgiving 2 days early" feast for 80 and will let you all know what the verdict is.