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Nov 16, 2006 12:52 AM

Must haves in St. John???

I'm going to St. John for vacation. I got a list of restaurants from the hotel, but wanted to find out any restaurants that are a must (or a "stay away from" too). Please help!?!

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    1. The Lime Inn for live music, and great drinks. Chateau Bordeaux for good food and even better view. Chilly Billy's for breakfast.

      1. As a frequent visitor to STJ, my faves are:

        La Tapa - Excellent but fairly pricey seafood with a Spanish vibe. Do not miss.
        The Stone Terrace - Also a little pricey but great food with a killer wine list.
        Ocean Grill - New place in Mongoose Junction that was quite good the first week they opened.
        Asolare - Very expensive but excellent. Went about 6 months ago and the portion size has increased and the food was perfect. Best view of any rest in STJ.
        Rhumb Lines - Moderate prices and a bit more casual. Caribbean with an slight asian bent. Get the cuban pork and the tuna app.

        More casual eats:
        Uncle Joes bar-b-que. Best Q on the island.
        Mojo Cafe - Great breakfast and sandwiches
        Chilly Billy's - Casual sit down breakfast.
        Cafe Roma for pizza only. Regular Italian is prretty mediocre.
        The Lime Inn- Very casual with standard seafood fare. Get the whole grilled snapper with jerk seasoning.
        Happy Fish - Suprisingly good sushi (never thought that those types of fish would be that fresh in the middle of the Caribbean. Weird thought) with a great selection and reasonable prices (for sushi).
        Shipwreck Landing in Coral Bay - Awesome place for lunch right on the water.

        I would maybe stay away from-
        Margarita Phils - Not too impressed the only time I ate there.
        High Tide - Nope
        The places at the Westin have never impressed me and seem overpriced.

        I would call Chateau Bordeaux. When I was on island last month there was a rumor that it was not re-opening.

        1. Our favorites are
          Panini Grill for refined, Italian. Wonderful service right on the water. They had an appetizer of fresh pesto pizza and delicious linguine with fresh clams.

          Caneel for lunch at the Terrace. You can go snorkeling on their beach (it is terrific) and then have a superb buffet lunch right next to the beach. (watch out for the seagulls....they like the food,too.)

          Uncles Joe's Bar B Que is great for take out. Call ahead and they'll have it ready for you. Huge portions of terrific chicken.

          Miss Lucy's is nice for Sunday brunch...get there early and you can sit outside. Chickens walk around looking for handouts.

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              Mixology Warehouse in Cruz Bay has the best selection of wines on island.