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Nov 16, 2006 12:40 AM

Greek Food in Tampa??

Any great Greek food in Tampa...apart from driving to Tarpon Springs?? Thanks

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  1. Acropolis in Ybor City - awesome and lively!

    1. I second the rec for Acropolis in Ybor City. It is incredible. I love Greek food and spent a summer there 2 years ago. This is the best Greek food I have had since. They make a traditional greek salad (no lettuce) called "horatika" or something like that and its just as good as in Greece. Their whipped feta spread for bread is to die for. I am only in town to take the Florida bar and am lucky enough to have a hotel walking distance from this place. I am definitely stopping by here next time I come back.

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        Acropolis has a branch in New Tampa on Bruce B Downs, in the same shopping center as Louis Pappas Market and Cafe which I enjoyed more since they don't have the hipster vibe or the crowds that Acropolis has (it also doesn't have the belly dancing.)

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          I third this. Flaming cheese is great as is the greek meatball (which is not actually a meatball at all) and the Pastisio (sp?). Its also very reasonably priced

        2. We liked Acropolis a lot, too, I definitely recommend it. I have heard good things about a take-out joint on Kennedy near Westshore called GoGo's (a fast food mini-chain, perhaps?), but haven't been myself.

          1. the drive to Tarpon Springs is worth it in my eyes, but the Acropolis in Tampa was surprisingly good. a really good value, too.

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              i was going to say the same thing about Tarpon. :)

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                i must amend this after a recent lunch at Acropolis. Chicken shwarma wrap was on soft, spongy pita that had more akin to wonder bread than pita, and was so overloaded with bland yogurt sauce i just ate the filling and left the pita. For $6 with no sides, itr was thin on filling with more tomato by volume than chicken. Entrees are over $10, a steep hike form a couple years ago. I suspect the New Tampa location, where i dined this time, is marked up extra for the desperate suburbanites. The prices, which don't appear to change between meals, would be more fair for dinner, but it isn't worth it for lunch. Besides, the shawarma at Byblos is far superior.

                I'm not syaing that all of the food at Acropolis is bad, but the pita is a joke, as is the lemon-chicken soup, which is more like an overly thick doctored cream of chicken with lemon added.

              2. Acropolis has a cool atmosphere, their flaming cheese is really good. I've been eating at Gogo's for lunch lately, not bad at all, definatly not traditional Greek food but worth a try for lunch! Their potato salad is good.

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                1. re: TampaNativeThatLovesNYC

                  Gogos Greek Grill is Greek food simplified. Think of Chipotles but for Greek food. I've eaten there and it tastes great, especially their gyros and greek salads. Definitely Greek but they take some interesting chances too. Generous portions too.

                  1. re: harryo

                    I agree with the generous portion sizes for Gogos, but i would not say they are a great greek food place. Definitely Chipolte for Greek, but with that comes only being decent not great food sometimes even being bland. Chipotle compared to true mexican does not compare.

                    1. re: tampa eater

                      I was deeply disappointed in GoGo's I'd eat at Pappas in a heartbeat before I'd eat there again.

                      1. re: tampa eater

                        Try their spicier sauces like spicy tzatziki or honey jalapeƱo! Again, not traditional but they're not trying to be "Mom's Greek Cooking". As for the whole potato salad thing? That's "traditional" in Tampa people!!! Not in Greece:)