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Free wine with dinner...?

Back in our immediately-post-college days, my friends and I used to love gathering at the nearby Cottage and spending hours over a big Chinese meal with numerous carafes of the free house white. Call me crazy, but for my birthday this year I want to recreate that scene, and I'm looking for a good place to do it. Yes, I know free wine is almost invariably crappy wine, but that's fine with me as long as the food is very good. I'm hoping Chowhounds can suggest a few free-wine-with-dinner restaurants where the food is better than average, and the wine is (at least) cold. What do you think? Any ideas? Thanks for any and all assistance!

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  1. I just went to Cite (120 W 51st St) last Sunday night. They have a $69. wine dinner. Check the web site for the wines served. IMHO, the Chianti was very good, the sparkling wine was yummy. The Chardonnay was not my favorite. This is a place it seems like you are looking for. They keep your glasses full and they don't give you the bums rush. You order off the menu; app, entree and dessert. We all got filet mignon cooked just the way we wanted. It was just a good time all around.

    1. i believe silk road palace on the upper west side (maybe 81st and amsterdam or so) offers free wine with dinner.

      1. I second the Cite idea if you are looking for pretty good steaks and pretty good wines (their website has a list of the choices).

        On the other hand, if you are looking to recreate the past, the Cottage in the UWS still serves the free wine with dinner and the food is pretty good. Located on 77th and Amsterdam.

        1. Is there another Cottage that serves the free wine with dinner that's closer to downtown?

          1. not much further downtown, but westside cottage and westside cottage 2 (both on 9th ave in the 40s) used to offer all-you-can-drink wine (white franzia diluted with ice) and may still do so. there's a restaurant on irving place that did at one point in time, but i believe that may be a thing of the past.

            1. There is a Vietnamese place in the Village on LaGuardia Place called LaGuardia Grill. The food is pretty good, and they serve unlimited wine. Plus, the setting isn't "shoddy" and if we keep having weather like we've been, you can even dine outside.

              1. As was mentioned above-Silk Road Palace on Amsterdam in the low 80's most resembles what you are looking for. Free wine-white or red-with your meal. Can't vouch for the quality of the Chinese food but I live in the area & can vouch for the crowds-mostly younger folk-waiting to be seated all the time.

                1. Even further uptown, but Pearls (Chinese) on 98th and Amsterdam serves free wine and the food is very good, in my opinion. The place tends to be very crowded.

                  1. I still like cottage and the atmosphere is much nicer since it was redone.

                    1. If I remember correctly Azuki on Park Ave odes free wine and saki with dinner

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                        Last time I went I believe the deal was one glass of wine or sake w/$15 or more.

                      2. Wow, thanks guys! I do know Silk Road and The Cottage at 77th Street very well 'cuz I live right near there and get take out all the time. But for this occasion I wanted to try someplace different. There are some great suggestions here!

                        (By the way, both of the above are mostly reliable if nothing extraordinary, but Silk Road does have good special soups, like the chicken and mustard green, that I love. Very light, good broth, lots of chicken and pretty cheap. They also have special "small" size orders of Chinese vegetables like Chinese broccoli and Chinese flowering cabbage which you can get steamed or in sauce, and they cost less than a regular-size order of vegetables but are still substantial. Taking out a big soup and a small vegetables gets me two meals for about $10. Just thought I'd share that!)