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Nov 16, 2006 12:20 AM

What's in Studio City?

Philadelphia Chowhound will be visiting and is looking for some interesting cuisine in the Studio City area. We have a plethora of Asian restaurants here so I am not interested in Asian, or vegetarian. I like meat! What's your recommendation?

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  1. Well, you can sneak westward into sherman oaks and eat at Max or Mistral where good steaks, lamb, etc. are features on their menus. Also seafood at Max in very Asian or Indian influenced ways. Good wine list at Max. (
    )They are located basically diagonally across the intersection of Ventura and Dixie Canyon from each other.
    Also the Boneyard Bistro on Ventura just two blocks east of Woodman is a ribs place that smokes the meats on premises, yet my preference here is the bistro menu, currently including venison, and of course they always have bone-in ribeyes available, with your choosing the weight you want. Very good list of red wines, btw!
    When you say you have plenty of Asian in Philly, does that mean you have 25 sushi bars within 2 miles like in Studio City? That is what Studio City (aka Sushi City) is really about cuisine-wise.

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      I have to agree. If you are adverse to the vast variety of sushi that Studio City prides itself on...go over to Sherman Oaks where you'll have a few more choices. They are essentially the same place (divided at Coldwater Canyon).

      I second Mistral for the Steak and Pommes Fritte. Good dinner and nice atmosphere. Need reservation.

      Also, if you do end up trying Boneyard Bistro, definitely try the pulled pork dumplings in BBQ sauce. They are hands down the best thing on the menu. Last time I was there a few of us decided we'd order one of every meat on the menu and the sausage was everyone's favorite.


    2. If you like meat, I would second the recommendation to sneak into Sherman Oaks (it's really so close) and suggest you go to Carnival Restaurant for really really good Lebanese food. I highly recommend the quail, the shwarma (all kinds), that Lebanese sausage (I forget what it's called), and the appetizer sampler. But really, I haven't tried anything on the menu that wasn't delicious, nor have I taken any companions who were not enthralled by the food.

      1. There's Killer Shrimp, but I really prefer Max, even though it's Filipino-influenced Cal-Asian faire.

        1. I know you said you don't want Asian food but there is not a chance in, well Philadelphia that you can find the quality of sushi that exists in Studio City outside of the Pacific Rim.

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          1. re: bodie

            Totally in agreement - Philadelphia Asian ain't Studio City Asian. Aside from sushi, there are wonderful cooked dishes. You can go home and tell all your friends about Asanebo.

          2. You might want to visit LaLa's. Its an Argentinian resturant in Studio city. Their Entrana (grilled skirt steak) is really good. I also like their Salmon Dijon and their Combo appetizer (3 empanadas, potato quiche & sausage). they also have a few other great meat choices. Not the best Argentinian in LA but I always highly enjoy my meals there.


            Also, Outtake Bistro is right down the street and good. I enjoyed their lamb shank and their pumpkin ravioli