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need help for little italy

im in a pickle. girlfriend wants to go to a nice restaurant in little italy (college st) that has a nice romantic ambiance. me, i tend to avoid that area. i vaguelly remember kalander a few years back, but while she wants ambiance, i want a decent place that serves great food for decent prices. please help or i will die.

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  1. Trattoria Giancarlo is a possibility... but it's been a long time since I've been there, so I can't vouch for the food.
    Langolino, also on Clinton, on the other side of College, is a cheaper possibility. Food is decent but not spectacular.

    1. I second Trattoria Giancarlo, I think it's the best place in the 'hood, but it is a bit pricier, so I'm not sure if that will suit your requirements.

      1. I'd go with Langolino - intimate oh so tasty.

        1. Well, lets see...considering that there are not many 'real' restaurants on the Little Italy strip of College (sad), you will have to venture a touch east and head to Xacutti for great food and super romantic ambiance, or try Arthurs near by for the new hipster place. Giancarlo is ok, but too pedestrian. Wouldnt take a date there. Gamelle, also on the east side is very warm and romantic with pretty good food.

          Xacutti, Arthurs or Gamelle!

          1. Maybe Cataplana? It isn't trendy, but there are candles on the tables and has a definite European ambiance that I think could be romantic in an understated way.They were also playing Portuguese music the night I was there, which might have added to the ambiance. The seafood was cooked perfectly, and the servings were generous.

            Regina Trattoria is another option if you want low-key Italian in Little Italy. Again,it isn't exactly over the top romantic,and it isn't trendy or hip, but there were a lot of couples there the night I went. Sort of reminded me of the type of restaurant where Lady and the Tramp could share their spaghetti, romantically. Reasonable prices for College.

            1. I'd take a pass on Langolino Wine Bar. Suprisingly few wine choices for the name. Too noisy a room for a romantic encounter.

              Does the place need to be Italian or just in Little Italy? Will your budget allow for Xacutti or Chiado? Price:value is subjective.

              1. From someone who likes cheap eats I would avoid Chiado or Cataplana!

                Although I am sure quite tasty and sure to impress the girlfiend they are pricey...especially Chiado. Neither fit my student budget.

                My boyfriend and I like Utopia-not Italian but good food and good prices.

                The Standard-not paticularly fabulous but we like it for dates..like I said I am a student!!

                Kalendar is very nice but not particularly good food.

                Last, but certainly not least is El Bodegon (right across the street from Kalendar)! We love this place and have been several times. Great fish dishes and great prices! I would definately recommend this place. Also, if you are brave I suggest trying the marinated beef hearts. These are a Peruvian specialty and sooo delicious.


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                  The Standard used to have good pizza, but the last couple of times we were there, it was pretty awful. It's been struck from our list. Gatto Nero is in the same price range, and better on all counts.

                  Utopia is great, but perhaps not a special date place.

                2. I had a lovely meal at Pony a few months ago. Romantic atmosphere...great food and service.

                  1. im gonna give longolino a whirl. will report back. thanks for the advice.