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Nov 16, 2006 12:06 AM

NYC hound debating between leopard or baricelli inn

any strong views one way or another?

also, as a sidenote; i'm surprised giovanni's in beachwood isn't viewed more favorably on the message boards. I went a few months ago and thought it was one of the best italian meals i've had anywhere (comparable to the top places in NYC). did i just happen to catch them on a very good night?

would love any suggestions. thanks in advance!

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  1. How'd you end up with those two?

    I've had a couple meals at Leopard - one very good and one with some very good items - but I don't feel like I have enough experience to vouch for it. They were recently reviewed and rated some very poor comments. Even though I've had good experiences the review had the ring of truth. I suspect Leopard has consistency issues. With this understanding, I would still recommend Leopard from amongst your choices. My more recent positive experience was at a chef's table and it was quite good. If you have a party of sufficient size (5-ish) I think you should consider it. They have two tasting menu options. We had the small one which was 5-ish courses. The larger one has 10-ish. As I said, it was quite good but I should also say that it was very creative.

    I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. I just don't have very much experience at Leopard.

    1. giovanni's has a reputation for excellence, but i think it's viewed as more old-fashioned and thus has been overshadowed by the up-and-comers.

      1. If you're open to other suggestions then I'll add the same handful that I always offer. Moxie, Parker's, Lola and fire food and drink.

        I was just at fire last night and the meal was incredible. It was a tasting dinner so these dishes aren't on the regular menu. 1)foie gras with apple compote and lardon over blini 2) scallop with honey-lime salad 3) pheasant breast with pheasant thigh sausage 4) short rib over mushroom risotto and 5) bittersweet chocolate profiteroles. All five were absolutely perfect examples of what that dish was meant to taste like.

        1. i've only been to BARICELLI once but we loved it. i've never been and frankly we dont hear enough about the LEOPARD.

          i agree w/ wleatherette about GIOVANNIS. i hvent been in a long time, but it seems to remain eternally solid from the fewopinions we get here and there.

          let us know where you went!

          ps--you might want to change your thread header title to include "cleveland" so others around the midwest region arent confused.

          1. If I may add one more to tthe mix for your considerattion...

            I aattended aa speecial pork dinner last night at Batutto in Little Italy. The plaace knocked me out. Each plate that came from the kitchen was a winner. The service was exemplary. I looked at their regular menu and thought "My gosh, this is one of the best menus in Cleveland".