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Nov 15, 2006 11:48 PM

Another Great Success at Bar Tartine

Once again, dinner at Bar Tartine last night was stellar.


Crispy frog legs: 6 frenched frog legs were battered and fried so they resembled fish and chips but better. The frog legs were served with a herb tartare sauce with a salad of mushrooms and herbs. That amazing Bar Tartine vinaigrette pleases once again.

Salad of fried gorgonzola with shaved pears and hazelnuts. This dish was brilliant. Every spectrum of taste was covered. The rich, salty, pungency of the gorgonzola, the sweetness of the pears, the bitterness of the radicchio, the sourness of the balsamic, and the crunchiness of the hazelnuts. A brilliant dish indeed.


Steak onglet with poached baby turnips and carrots. The steak was rich and perfectly cooked. As amazing as the steak was, the turnips and the carrots were so well done, they threatened to outshine the steak. The dish was absolutely delicious. It's clear that the sides are not an afterthought. I could eat a plate of the turnips and the carrots by themselves.

Slow roasted berkshire pork with shelled beans, cherry tomtoes, and gremolata. The lemon in the gremolata kept the dish from being too rich. The beans were interesting since they were firm and almost more substantial than the meltingly tender pork. I thought it was a nice way of bragging how tender the pork was.


Brown sugar cake with riesling poached quince and huckelberries. The warm cake begged for a side of ice cream but it was very good with the poached fruits.

Toasted almond custard with poached sekel pears. The custard was rich yet light, and topped with some sort of caramel crunch. With the poached pear, it was a perfect end to a perfect dinner.

Dinner with 2 glasses of the more expensive wines by the glass just topped $100.

Bar Tartine is exactly what's right about the SF dining scene. It showcases incredible market driven cuisine with an affordable, concise wine selection. I'd put it in the must try category for visitors.

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  1. When I read these reports I am encouraged to give them a try after all. The reason I haven't is because I made reservations last Christmas Eve (also, coincidentaly, my birthday). After verifying that they would be open, and hearing about the menu, I was told that they hadn't priced it yet. This should have been a red flag. Then, two days before, they called and told me they'd decided to close after all. Not enough reservations, I was told! I was left without a place to go two days before Christmas eve! I was bitter for quite a while.

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    1. re: bruce

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I'd recommend giving it another shot. Try to go on a weeknight. My first visit was on a weekend. The food was still good, but they ran out of certain desserts at the end of the evening. The weeknight felt more relaxed and nothing was unavailable.

    2. that's a bad situation you were put in christmas eve/birthday dinner or not

      but bar tartine had only been open for a month at that time and management has changed at least twice since then- things have gotten better

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      1. re: daybakerr

        I didn't know management had changed! Is it still the same owner? If you know, that is. Thanks for the information.