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Nov 15, 2006 11:46 PM

Oysters Shipped For New Years

I have had a standing New Years tradition of bringing a couple of bushels of oysters to my regular New Years party. In years past, I've ordered the outstanding Raspberry Point oysters from Prince Edward Island, but with recent changes in shipping and customs rules, most Canadian fisheries won't ship to individuals in the US.

Can anyone recommend a good source of domestic oysters, of the brinier/sweeter and less gamey variety?


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  1. where are you? if i were you, i'd contact a reputable oyster house or restnt w/ great rawbar- and ask for vendor references. or just start calling local seafood vendors.if you're buying as much as you've said, it's likely a wholesale vendor would accomodate you.

    some restaurants:in d.c.- kinkead's; in boston, neptune oyster; in san fran, swann's oyster bar or foreign cinema.

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      I'm in Tucson, Arizona, and the party is in Phoenix. I actually had very good luck ordering from American Mussel Harvesters, Inc. ( http://www.americanmussel.com/oysters... ). They were easy to work with, friendly, reasonably priced and the oysters were delivered spot on time, and were outstanding.