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Nov 15, 2006 11:10 PM

looking for casual spot near Mission Bay for 15-20 people, at < $20 per head

Please help! We have a monthly meeting at UCSF at Mission Bay, and we normally go out for dinner and beer afterwards. We have typically gone to the Connecticut Yankee, but I am really fed up with their mediocre food and surly service (although they do have Poppy Jasper on tap...). Ideally, we'd go to some place in the Mission, such as El Farolito, but we really need a space where we can have a semi-serious discussion, so most taquerias that I know of are out. The ideal place would be within a 5 minute drive from the new Mission Bay campus, and have some kind of back room where they could quarantine us. Your taxpayer dollars are actually buying our food and drink, so we try to keep our budget pretty small. Places I've considered and nixxed include SF Thai BBQ (can't really get a big table together), Stix (no longer exists), the Ramp (weather ain't so good anymore), Goat Hill Pizza (meeting is on Monday night, and they are a zoo on Monday nights), and Thirsty Bear (we did that once, and really enjoyed ourselves, but we went way over budget). Please help!

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  1. Yield Wine Bar maybe
    Bistro 350: The California Culinary Academy

    1. Colour Cafe on De Haro between 16th and 17th (by Sally's). While not everything is great, we like a number of the dishes (they range from salads, burgers and sandwiches to crepes and quesadillas, pastas and a few fancier entrees), the people are very nice, and it's a big room. There is even a big communal table. Good choice of inexpensive wines and some beers, as well as teas and other beverages. Super fries, and a burger-fiend friend really likes the burgers as well. We quite like the merguez-gruyere baguette or quesadilla option.

      Aperto is way too small for your purposes.

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        Colour Cafe sounds interesting, but I can't seem to find any more info on it. Nothing comes up with multiple web searches. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Jess

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          Sorry -- I misspelled it. It's Couleur Cafe, DeHaro at 16th. Here's the MenuPages listing:

      2. What about the 21st Amendment, on Second, a few blocks north of Pac Bell? They have a space upstairs that might suit your needs.