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Nov 15, 2006 10:52 PM

Wonderful Meal at Gari 46

Went to Gari 46 last night. The meal was excellent; I requested the "cheapest omakase", and received a typically small (but fair-sized) portion of marvellous, marvellous sushi and sashimi. They still don't have their license yet, but all the better for us; I BYOBed a bottle of good German trocken riesling, and since I got there early I stopped in and they not only agreed to put the wine on ice for me, they did it with a smile on their face. The service was exceptional; I gave the hostess my credit card beforehand so that my dining partner wouldn't have a chance to pay, and she did it with a smile and even winked at me when she brought the check! All in all, a great meal, great service, and by Gari standards, very reasonably priced. Omakse was ~$65 each, which was MUCH less than I expected to pay.

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  1. What kind of fish were you served in your omakase? I'm dying to try out any of Gari's fine food. I've heard nothing but great things.

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      haven't been to the new 46 location, but have been to the other 2. after eating at the original east side location, i tried the new (at the time) UWS spot, and was pretty disappointed. i ordered the omakase off the menu and we got some sashimi and about 6 pieces of sushi that all came out at once on a plate per person. this is VERY different from the UES style, where you tell the waitress what you like, what you dislike, etc. and they still plan your meal but around your tastes. i told them my mother didn't eat raw salmon and that was her only dislike and they didn't seem to care. UES they bring sushi to your table with either 1 kind, or 2 kinds, so you can savor them. also there is some cooked sushi's and they come out hot and you can eat them while hot. its really a fun experience with a group. my mother wasn't very into the meal and it cost me over $200 with a small under $10 glass of sake.

      after the UWS experience, i even called up the UES to make another res and asked them if they changed their serving format. the woman was very surprised to hear my story and said someone would be calling the west side location. the west side was much more modern decor, and more expensive. like they were trying to make it more chi chi. i don't know about 46 but i think it would be along the same lines- i would stick to the original. i like the simple japanese influenced decor of the UES; it reminds me of the traditional best sushi houses in japan. no frills. just good food.

      oh by the way, all the sushi in the chef's omakase off the menu is DIVINE. they all come with different sauces, from pureed shiso leaf, to fruit inductions, etc. a favorite that we actually asked for was the seared foie gras sushi. expensive but totally worth it.

      1. re: jungirl

        I had the same experience at the UWS location. decided not to go back to Gari, I guess I shouuld at least experience their East Side location.

        1. re: JoLi

          I've eaten once at the UWS location, and many times at the UES one - since the latter was closed for renovations went to the UWS and pretty much replicated the meal we usually have on the UES, which is ordering a la carte many of the items that usually come w/ the omakase but aren't on the menu. Haven't been to UES one since the renovations, but the UWS location at that point was certainly more aesthetically pleasing. Also thought it was maybe more expensive - particularly the wines by the glasses - though they did have a better selection.

          1. re: MMRuth

            MMRuth, can you tell me what items you usually order?

            I had an amazing cooked oyster (looked broiled) there, do you know the name of th ee dish?

            1. re: JoLi

              I'll try and dig up an old post where I think I have the list - haven't tried the cooked oyster, though the only roll we ever order there is the fried oyster roll, which is delicious. I don't think they really do much in the way of rolls.

              1. re: JoLi

                Couldn't find any of my old posts, so here's what I can remember off hand:

                Salmon with cooked tomato
                Salmon with raw tomato (they each have a different sauce as well)
                Chopped eel and avocado
                Tuna - there are a lot of interesting preparations, which I always confuse - best thing to do is to try the Tuna Platter or whatever they call it - different kinds of tuna, prepared different ways - some seared etc., with different "toppings".
                Cooked salmon with miso sauce.
                There's a fish with a jalapeno topping - maybe yellowtail?
                I like Spanish mackeral and ask for the "special one".
                My husband always gets some uni.
                There's a squid that is excellent as well - maybe broiled?

                Sorry for the uncertainty - sounds like I need to go back soon!

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Thank you! I will def have to go back and just order a la carte. I certainly remember some of these from the omakase I had.

                  1. re: JoLi

                    One positive about the UWS location is that the bill is computerized - so you can both see what you had and how much each piece costs - hard to do in the past at the UES one b/c it was hand written in Japanese. I seem to remember that the average price of a piece was about $5 - something to keep in mind. Enjoy - to my mind, omakase or a la carte is definitely the way to go there.

      2. I live nearby, so went over today to try it out. Ordered the regular sushi. Other members of the party ordered sashimi. Everyone was very happy with their food.

        I haven't had sushi very much since I moved to New York (generally dine via seamless web which has a very poor sushi selection) so my only comparable sushi experience would be Sushi Yasuda. Yasuda's sushi is of a higher quality (for about the same price). However, the sushi at Gari 46 was sufficiently good (creamy, melts in your mouth).

        Try the desserts! Had the crepes and the red bean cake in the fish shape. Not too sweet (the way I like my desserts) and very light.

        Wait staff was unusually friendly and attentive (much more so than the staff at Yasuda). Not sure if this will remain the case in the long term, or is the result of Gari 46 being a new restaurant.

        I noticed some posters complained about the small portion size. The portions are not huge, but were just about right for me. I paid a total of $44, and left feeling very well satiated. Perhaps this depends on what you order and your appetite.

        1. I had a wonderful meal at Sushi of Gari 46 last Friday night. The only problem was the price. When I called to make the reservation, I requested two seats at the sushi bar. The reservationist told me that the only way to order at the sushi bar was omakase, and that it was $80/person minimum. I said that this was fine.

          We arrived at the restaurant and told the waitress taking our order that we'd have omakase. It was a phenomenal meal, served piece by piece, with some really outstanding sushi. I didn't keep track of how much we ate, but I'd say it was maybe 10-15 pieces each.

          At a certain point, the chef asked if there was anything else we'd like to have. I declined, thinking that this would keep us to the $80/person minimum. When the bill came, the food total was about $220, or $110/person.

          I was on a date and didn't want to make a scene, so I didn't say anything about the price and the discussion I'd had with the reservationist.

          What do you think about this? Was I "overcharged"? Should I have expected, given the statements of the reservationist, that the bill would come to $80/person if we didn't ask for any extra food? Thanks in advance for your opinions?

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          1. re: jg488

            i don't think you were overcharged, by any means. i'm not implying that you're being cheap or unreasonable, but when i hear "minimum," i think of it as just that -- the absolute minimum i'm going to be charged, not necessarily the price, all-inclusive. if you told the waitress -- as opposed to the reservationist -- that you were looking to spend no more than $80 pp, i think you'd have ample reason to object. but in the scenario you laid out, i think not.