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Nov 15, 2006 10:35 PM

1 dinner at the MGM Grand LV

other than joel robuchon's restaurants. which would you hounds suggest of their choices? fiamma, nobhill and seablue are the ones i've been looking at, but can't seem to decide. nobhill is looking good to me as of now. i'm up for any suggestions and warnings and would love to hear what you would choose. also, any menu rec's from these? TIA

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  1. Of your three choices, Fiamma was my favorite, I also had a great meal at Nobhill. Stay away from Seablue. It was probably one of the worst meals I've had in Vegas.

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      See, that's funny because I love Seablue. I love the way the menu is set up ( the same way as Stripsteak ) and that I can work my way around the raw/steamed/fried/etc. parts of the menu. The desserts are really great also -- the melting chocolate cake with a root beer float and sassafras ice cream.

      Different strokes for different folks.

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        i've eaten at seablue 4 times now - 3 out of 4 the meal was great, the 4th...the last time there...i was surprised that my food ( had one of the tangines ) was cold....but the fixed the problem and gave me a nice glass of wine to boot !! i love the salad - pick your ingredients - it !! and you are right - the new stripsteak has a very similar menu style...i've eaten at stripsteak twice now and i wish they had the "salad bar" concept there...although i must admit...i do not care for the dessert concept at stripsteak

    2. You didn't mention Craftsteak, but I would put it at the top of the MGM list. Nobhill is next. The lobster potpie is amazing. Fiamma is also quite good.


      1. oh. i didn't mention craftsteak because they just opened one up in dallas. i am planning to stop by there at one point when i visit a few friends. i just wanted to try something i won't be able to get here...which is just about everything else in vegas :)

        1. Diego has very interesting and flavorful Mexican food. I realize that, being from Dallas, you don't have a shortage of Mexican restaurants, but I think that this is the best that I have had here.

          1. just called to make reservations at nobhill. closed during my stay in vegas :(, then called michael mina in the bellagio...closed as well. that's a shame, i really wanted to dine at one of his restaurants that wasn't seablue (which is actually open). ok, so i guess i might change my venue. so any other suggestions on solo dinner? what about the restaurants at the wynn? i'm thinking either alex, bartolotta, db or okada. i know those are different ends of the spectrum, but of those 4 which would you choose? TIA

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              what about stripsteak - it's his newest place

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                For solo dinner I'd have to recommend Bradley Ogden, as I have done just that last year. Service was very good, I just had soup and dessert, and they were super friendly. Very relaxed atmosphere and Bradley Ogden is in his kitchen regularly, the food reflects that. His soup was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, and the dessert was great-watermelon five ways. Looked like art and really hit the spot after a day of walking in the desert.