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Nov 15, 2006 10:02 PM

Plaza Mexico

Comments on the eateries @ this place, from those of U who have been. What would U recommend or avoid?

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  1. I love la Huasteca (For semi-fancy sit down) and Gallo Giro (For casual fast food)


    1. IMHO, La Huasteca is one of the top 10 Mexican restaurants in So Cal.

      My uncle thinks Malverde executes better than La Huasteca (I haven't been to it yet)

      Birrieria Jalisco, Mariscos El Rey, & Rinconcito Poblano are all solid & better than average.

      1. La Huasteca is great. I like their huitlacoche soup that comes with the entrees

        1. Curious to hear any updates on this place. I am thinking about doing some Barbacoa Actopan, Birrieria Jalisco and Poblano recon on Thurs.

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          1. re: kare_raisu

            La Huasteca is on the money.

            Impressive collection of tequilas, oh and the food is great also..incredible mole..