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Nov 15, 2006 09:47 PM

The Pantry - What to get?

Will be going to The Pantry for the first time tomorrow for dinner. I am definitely not expecting to be blown away by any means, but wanted to know if there is anything that I should definitely try or avoid? Thank you!

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  1. The steaks at the Pantry are pretty good. They usually come with rather anemic hash-browns so I ask to get their mashed potatoes, which are much better, instead. I also like their roast beef platters. Stick with the simple stuff.

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      THANK YOU everyone! Some great recs. Will post tomorrow. Thanks again!

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        Good? Well I used to go fairly regularly and largely because the place has such a retro vide. The food is retro too and by that I mean it achieves standards of yesteryear - which is not good. In fact since Riordan took over the joint it seems that the quality has crashed. Then again, I'm basing it on my last steak there which a year or two ago - and it had that below choice livery quality to it. And was chewy. It was, without question, by leaps and bounds, the worst steak I'd ever had in my life.

        I do like their homestyle, fried on the plancha potatoes. And their bread is pretty good. And I like their slaw too. A lot.

        But their steaks? The sort of thing you'd get at Denny's. And from my last experience - worse. Like prison food.

      2. Anything with their Hashbrowns... it's the ULTIMATE greasy spoon...


        1. Mashed potatoes and rib roast.

          Stick-to-the-bones kind of goodness.

          Also, try a side order of their garlic bread.

          1. Standing rib roast (they often run out), plenty of their great sourdough bread, and their coleslaw.

            1. I'm only there either working on or working off a hangover. I recommend any of their breakfast specialties, although be forewarned that the buckwheat pancakes are quite tough. I prefer to stay within the realm of ham, eggs and bacon.

              Bring an appetite.