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Nov 15, 2006 09:46 PM

where can I get turtle or terrapin meat in the Baltimore area?

hello everybody,
i am a new member and i am looking for a place to get green turtle or any kind of terrapin meat in the Baltimore area. does anyone know of a place in or around baltimore where i can get turtle or terrapin meat? thanks, craig

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  1. According to this chowhound thread, turtle meat can be bought frozen in chinese markets.

    1. did you check your backyard?

      1. Apart from the one Chinese restaurant I usually go to for lunch, which has them in a little tupperware pond on their counter (not sure how many health codes THAT violates, but...), the only turtle I have found is turtle soup. The one I most remember is a turtle soup I found at the Geresbeck's market in Middle River, but I think that soup was made in Georgia. Haven't heard about the frozen turtle meat, will have to check that out. If you're anywhere near Han Ah Reum, the MASSIVE Korean supermarket at the corner of Rte. 40 and Rolling Road, they probably have it, because they seem to have pretty much everything. But the checkout lines are usually pretty long, so be prepared.

        1. "Terrapin meat"? In Maryland? You gotta be baggin' me, dude. I expect you could ask around College Park, but you should be prepared to run for your life, especially when basketball season kicks in.

          1. Easy to find in New Orleans and in South Louisiana - not from endangered species. Used for turtle soup. Check the internet. Most places will ship.
            In Washington, DC, Market Poultry in Eastern Market on Capital Hill has all sorts of wild game and I think I saw turtle there last week. If not Melvin can gete it for you. Call to make sure.

            If you are making Turtle Soup, you can fake it pretty well with beef chuck roast - Mock Turtle Soup - since most people have never had the real thing. I did this once and darned if it didn't come pretty close to the real thing.

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              In Florida we have huge soft-shelled turtles (cooters) that are delicious. Never seen them in the store, but I actually have taken them in my back yard. Kind of like pork, but not as fatty. The fat is yellowish. My previous response relates to the fact that "Terrapins" is the name for the U of M sports teams. BTW, green turtles are a protected species in this country.