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Nov 15, 2006 09:39 PM

Jazmine in Reno

Tried the new Asian restaurant in Double Diamond, Jazmine, last weekend. Must say that all dishes were just okay - potstickers appeared filled with uncooked pork, altho the waiter assured us that this was just the method in which they were prepared. We also had vegetable chow mein, some type of salted calamari, and a shrimp dish. Wish I could be a bit more specific, but honestly, none of it was really worth remembering. And, probably the biggest turn-off of the evening was the waiter - greeted hubby by calling him captain, and refered to him as "boss" throughout the rest of our meal. A big put off. Would love to hear other Renoites take on the place. The atmosphere was great, as well as the location, but I wouldn't go back based on the food and service.

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  1. I drove by it when I went to the new Washoe Wines. I ended up trying the Hawaiian barbecue place closer to South Meadows Parkway.
    They have a big sushi sign up front that I mistook as being for a seperate restaurant. If the Chinese food isn't that good, I wonder if the sushi is any good too?

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      There were a few people at the sushi bar, however, their "all you can eat" lunch is $20, I'd rather stick with the Sushi Club for $14.

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        I thought the guy who ran Sushi Club sold it and moved to Las Vegas to open one there. Is it still open?

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          Sushi Moto is $16 and the food is excellent; it's just down the street from Jazmine over by Smiths.

      2. It was a month're not talking more recent then that, are you?

        1. What I want to know is how is the Hawaiian BarBQue place???

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            It's a combination Hawaiian Barbecue and Chinese food place. The inside was a little dumpy so it's probably better for take out. To try the Chinese food I got wonton soup and it wasn't very good. Watery broth and the vegetables tasted canned. I got a mixed barbecue plate and the chicken there was probably better than the chicken at L&L. I'd like to try the barbecue again and do a full review.
            House of Hawaiian BBQ
            9410 Prototype Dr
            Reno, NV 89521

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              I went back to the House of Hawaiian BBQ last night. This meal was mediocre. There were two types of beef. One was like Korean gal bi with bones. It was okay. The regular was just too tough and chewy. And the checiken was nothing special this time either.

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                I've been thinking of this thread because last week when I was up in the shopping center near Mae Anne and McCarran (on the west side of McCarran, where the Mickey D's is...) I noticed there is a Hawaiian BarBQue place. The sign said they were opening later that week. Do you think its the same owners? I may check it out for lunch next week....

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                    Hey, thanks Steve!! somehow I always manage to miss those rgj blogs....

                    Of course, the item of most interest there was the bit about the Ethiopian restaurant opening soon....

            2. re: janetofreno

              That place has been named four different things over the past two years, and the food has never changed. Stay away; hopefully that dump will finally close.

            3. I tried Jazmin tonight. I thought the food and service was okay, but there's other places with better Chinese food.
              I walked in and was greeted by a man and a woman at the cash register. The man seated the group in front of me and the woman seated me. Maybe it's a cultural thing because she was Asian but she seemed very cold and unfriendly.
              The waiter was friendly. Based on his recommendations I ordered the barbecue pork appetizer ($7) and the basil chicken ($11). I also got a $3 cup of hot and sour soup.
              The soup arrived first and was not a good start. If I were ranking it among Chinese restaurants in the Truckee Meadows it probably wouldn't be in the top 10. Watery and a bit bland.
              The barbecue pork came next. It was cooked on the outside -- I don't want to say crunchy, but it was almost dry -- and tender on the inside. The sauce was tasty and delicately applied. I liked it.
              I was about half way through my 12 slices of the barbecue pork appetizer when the man who greeted me at the cash register -- the owner? -- brought out my basil chicken and steamed rice. I guess it's just as good sitting on my table as under a heat lamp, but I wasn't really ready for it.
              The basil chicken was good, not exceptional. Instead of being spicy like other basil chicken dishes, it was actually kind of sweet. The bssil was there, but had only a moderate effect on the dish. The white onions added just as much taste to the dish. It probably should have been called a basil and onion chicken dish. The chicken was fresh and cooked well.
              Whereas the entree arrived before I finished my appetizer, it took me forever, it seemed, to get the check after I finished my entree. That would be my only gripe with the waiter. The woman sho seated me looked away as I walked out. Again, not especially friendly.
              Presentation of the food is important here and generally I'd say it was well done. It's trying to be an elegant Chinese restaurant along the line of Palais de Jade in its hey day. While I liked the appetizer and the entree, I think I can get better for less at Soochow. This is maybe a better place for a date.

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