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Nov 15, 2006 09:38 PM

Anniversary dinner in Phoenix

We will celebrate our anniversary during Thanksgiving weekend and are trying to decide where to go. Our favorite is Roaring Fork but we want to try something different. We've done Binkley's, Kai, Vincent's (bleah), Cowboy Ciao, Circa 1900, many others . . . Is the food at T Cook's really all that wonderful, or is it more the atmosphere and service? Or, we've never been to Coup des Tartes or House of Tricks. What do you think?

Sarah C

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  1. House of Tricks and Coup des Tartes are both quite nice but Coup des Tartes has a much nicer atmosphere to go along with the wonderful food. For a romantic occasion like an anniversary, my vote is for Coup des Tartes. They get all booked up pretty early so I suggest getting a reservation soon-ish.

    1. I agree with emokid. Coup des Tartes is perfect for an anniversary celebration. Since it is BYOB, you can pick out a favorite bottle of wine to take with you (they also have a free corkage coupon at their website).

      J. and I celebrated an anniversary there last year and it was just perfect: intimate, cozy, romantic, and the food was quite good.

      Whatever decision you make, Sarah, happy anniversary!!!

      1. Without any disrespect to either "Tricks" or "Tarts," I would say that T. Cook's is the obvious choice among the options named in the original post. The food is exceptional, and the atmosphere is romantic. Make sure to take a stroll around the grounds of the Royal Palms -- or even stay the night if it's within your budget -- for the full effect. We held our wedding and reception at the Royal Palms because it was one of the few places we could find that paired exceptional food with romantic ambience. That was over eight years ago ago, but we haven't been let down by any meal there since then.

        1. Hi Sarah,
          I've been to T. Cooks several times and it's always been exceptional. I also frequent Tricks and I wouldn't put it in a category with the others, although it is lovely, it's not a celebration location.

          I have reservations for Coup de Tartes tomorrow night before the Barbra Streisand concert, so I'll give you a full report.

          Happy anniversary!

          1. DH and I just celebrated #7 at T.Cooks and this is a "thumbs up" rec all the way. Of course, I'm prejudiced -- like silverbear, we were married here and have a very special sentimental place for the Royal Palms. We have never been disappointed.

            Sentimental reasons aside, everything about our experience was lovely. From the polite valet parking attendants to the beautiful gardens to the warmly decorated dining room with well-trained staff to the wonderful food -- it sparkled. Be certain to mention it is an anniversary celebration when making a reservation. There has always been something special to mark the occasion.

            I second the recommendation to stay here as well. It is simply magic.