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Best hamburgers in Missouri?

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I'm looking for a laundry list of great burgers anywhere in the state of Missouri.

Some of the places I could think of off of the top of my head:

Booche's- Columbia
Westport Flea Market- KC
Blueberry Hill- STL

Please tell us about your favorites and any other good sides they might have.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hands down... L.C.'s Hamburgers, Kansas City... if you'll notice, they made it on my "My Chow" page!!

    I keep wanting to try Town Topic, but haven't made it yet... it looks like a great greasy spoon!

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      I finally tried Town Topic today... very good, loved the whole experience! How many places do you actually eat at a counter still?! Had the double cheeseburger and onion rings... the burger reminds me a little bit of BoBo's (in Topeka, KS) which if you are keeping track, has the best onion rings in the Midwest! Can't believe they've been open since 1937! I still like L.C.'s better, but Town Topic is pretty darn good too.

    2. In St. Louis, O'Connell's or Seamus McDaniels.

      1. In St. Louis, in no particular order:
        The Pitted Olive, O'Connells', Tucker's, Seamus McDaniels, Carl's Drive-In, Schlafly Bottleworks, and Scottish Arms. Blueberry Hill, as already mentioned, is pretty famous for theirs. I believe I had a good burger at Tin Can too.

        TPO is the gourmet burger experience, while Carl's is low budget end. Decidedly different presentations but both are excellent. The Bottleworks has a good buffalo burger and The Scottish Arms a lamb burger. The other three are bar burgers; big and best served with a pile of fries. At TPO, I would get the soup of the day as the side or possibly the pasta salad. I'm sure I'm forgeting some others.

        1. In Columbia,

          Booche's for bar burger, slider style.
          Murry's for a darn good burger-$6
          Ernie's for the Anderson; medium, american cheese, grilled onions, California style.
          Bull Pen for the Bullburger; it's a monster.

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            The Bull Pen is closed.

            I know Booche's is the hometown favorite, and they are kind of addictive (although I eat them about once every two years, it's just that the specific craving just crops up sometimes!). However, I always preferred the burgers at the neighboring Billiards, where you could also get fries.

            I was very sad when Billiards closed until I learned that the owners of the soon-to-be open Billiards on Broadway knew the owners of Billiards and will be making the same burgers when they open!

          2. I love Blueberry Hill's burger - especially if you get it with the cheddar cheese. I don't know if this is a Midwest or St. Louis thing, but the cheddar used is really actually a cheddar cheese spread (like the kind that comes out of a jar.) Totally disgustingly awesomely unique to Blue Hill as far as I can tell.

            Also, they have hickory burgers which are also quite good.

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            1. re: selizara

              McCoy's Public House (Kansas City) has a burger with a cheddar cheese spread... it's totally faux-tasting, but still good! (Am I totally outing myself as a cheeseburger hound?!?)

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Tucker's in St. Louis does the scoop of cheese spread thing too.

              2. re: selizara

                to my knowledge, the fatted calf in clayton missouri is the original institution of that chedder cheese spread similar to win schullers bar czheese (or however I spell that).

                It is good, and the fatted calf burgers aren't bad as a result.

                My favorite burgers are:

                Deaver's - North St. Louis county of all places for a bar style. They're seasoned incredibly well including some Worchestershire Sauce and are grilled to perfection.

                The Bill's Burgermeister burger at the Frontenac Cardwell's is also pretty good.

              3. i love a good burger...and all of the above are great. But my favorite right now is the burger Room 39 is serving for lunch. wow.

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                1. re: tastebudmagazine

                  Ooh... I completely forgot my favorite burger!!! 1924 Main (Kansas City)... he does a different burger every week and I've tried at least 4 and they've all been amazing! I can't believe I forgot about it! The bun is homemade and fantastic and the burger is juicy, no crispy burger for me!

                2. Winstead's, near the Plaza in Kansas City.

                  1. There is something sort of addictive about the burgers at Booche's in Columbia, and the atmosphere there is pretty unique. Simple, no-frills, burgers served on pieces of paper, and nobody looks at you funny if you eat more than one per sitting.

                    1. Here are some other locally-owned favorite places for burgers in KC . . .I know LC's has already been mentioned and they are high on my list as is Room 39, as well.

                      Hi-Boy Drive-In - great place to go for a thin patty cheeseburger
                      3424 Blue Ridge Cut Off
                      Independence, MO 64055

                      Grandstand Burgers - never been here, but heard great things about it
                      4942 Merriam Dr
                      Shawnee Mission, KS 66203

                      Max's Autodiner - HUGE burgers made while you wait with all the fresh toppings
                      8240 Wornall Rd
                      Kansas City, MO 64114

                      Hayes Hamburger & Chili - offers mini-cheeseburgers in the White Castle style
                      2502 NE Vivion Rd
                      Kansas City, MO 64118

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                        I know I have ventured into Kansas but you burger aficianadoes might know the answer to this: Years ago I was taken to a burger joint in KCK that delivered food via toy trains and a rube goldberg style elevator at each table. The food was ho-hum but boy, what a delivery system. Is it still around?

                          1. re: steveb

                            Fritz's also has a newer location in Crown Center on the lower level in the food court area. It is one of my son's favorite places to go and eat . . .the trains really are cool to watch.

                          2. re: jvergara

                            Thanks for the list jvergara! The hubby and I were talking about how it would be fun to sample all the best burgers in KC, so with your list, we've got a good start!

                            1. re: Katie Nell

                              Thanks Katie! Just like you said you were . . .my hubby is a big burger-head himself. So, we have made the rounds in search of good burgers . . .if you find new places on your quest . . .please post them here and share.

                          3. I grew up in Peculiar, Mo, about 30 miles south of Kansas City. Our little drive-in in town has the best burgers around.

                            I live in Ann Arbor now, but I'm back in Missouri for the holidays and went to Peculiar to visit my grandmother.

                            I stopped in to make sure the burgers are still just as great as ever and they were. They still make the patties by hand and crank out their own Suzi-Q french fries.

                            It was a good sign for me that the sack was already turning translucent before they handed it to me.

                            I also noticed they are still making their own breaded tenderloins for fried tenderloin sandwiches.


                            1. I like WF Cody's in Springfield,, 1 lb of beef fried to perfection. I have never finished a whole one!

                              1. Am coming to kansas city mo next week on a shopping trip,I had a very good response from Heatherkay on a German Delicatessen, and yes Heather I called them and was rewarded with all my want's,thank you again.
                                But I am still looking for a good meat market,plus a chinese restaurant that serves dim sum.

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                                1. Over the years we've had many a yummy bar burger at Sharp's Tavern in Hermann. They hit the spot after a hard day of wining!

                                  1. Eddie's Drive Inn Sedalia. Popular since at least 1940's. Steakburgers made thin with grilled onions if you like. I love they way they put the buns face down on the grill with a little board on top to press them to the grill. Started from the family from which Winsteads sprung, as did Johnny Ray's in Lee's Summit if it's still there. The Wheel Inn Drive in Sedalia is right on that level of burger too. Another oldie.

                                    1. Where is Eddie's in Sedalia? I drive through there regularly from Kansas City and would like to give 'em a try. I'm kinda burned out on Wheel Inn right now so mostly I've been stopping for a bite of German fare from Der Essen Platz in Cole Camp.

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                                      1. re: KCJ

                                        Eddies is at the corner of Ohio and Broadway on the South side of the road.It's about 10 to 15 blocks East of the Wheel Inn. (Broadway is also Highway 50). Another one I forgot is Goodes burgers. It's not too far South of Wheel Inn on 65 on the East side.

                                        1. re: TurnageHill

                                          Thanks! I'll check them out.

                                          If I'm going to the east side, I might as well go on the route through Tipton and stop at the Dutch Store for fresh cashew brittle, nuts, cheese curd, malted milk balls (with a layer of peanut butter under the chocolate), and Jake & Amos Sweet Pickled Baby Beets. :)

                                      2. In St. Louis, I'd make make Dressel's my number 1; for burgers and for atmosphere. A Welsh bar in the heart of the Central West End. Your non burger eating companions can get the rarebit. O'Connell's would be number 2, and Blueberry Hill number 3. BH is really for the 18-25 set, but has a great collection of 50's and 60's kitsch. For those in in their 50's and 60's (0r 30's or 70's) try one of the first two.

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                                        1. re: bluto

                                          The Dressel's burger is fantastic -- but you're non-burger eating companion better watch out. Spreading rarebit on the burger makes Dressel's my favorite in STL.

                                        2. HAMBURGER and DIM-SUM.
                                          Since I had such good help with my trip to Kansas city would now like your help on a good hamburger place and a chinese restaurant that serves dim-sum in Springfield Mo.

                                          1. Westport was a huge disapointment!! Try Grandstand in Merriam KS, its a dive but great burgers and great prices!

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                                            1. re: bonner1

                                              Flea Market is still my favorite, good beef (from McGonigles), and I like the guy who cals out your name when your order is ready.

                                            2. Another second on O'Connell's Pub in St. Louie !

                                              1. My favorite burger in St. Louis is definitely The Fatted Calf's cheddarburger. Great meat, properly flame-grilled to my requested medium-rare with a char, with a scoop of that sharp soft cheddar cheese spread on top. I think the one in Clayton is the last remaining Fatted Calf. I prefer their burgers over the very good ones at Blueberry Hill, which I like much better than Seamus McDaniel's. I can't give O'Connell's a fair rating, because I just can't put up with the smoke there.

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                                                  I can only speak for the KC area but mine in no particular order

                                                  Hi-Boy's at 40Hwy and Blue Ridge CutOff
                                                  Town Topic at Broadway
                                                  ChefBurger at the Power and Light District

                                                  and sadly one notable mention that no longer exists--Kabal's formerly in the KC River Market.

                                                2. What about the burgers at The Brick? After one of their burgers made the cover of KC Magazine being held by a model...I wondered if it was really THAT good? I keep hearing things about that place and wondering if anyone had been there? Any votes for Brick Burgers in KC? http://www.thebrickkcmo.com.

                                                  Also, any votes for LC's Hamburgers up North?

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                                                    1. re: sigerson57

                                                      LC's Burgers is not related to LC's BBQ. They are both really good, but that's the only connection.

                                                      1. re: zataar

                                                        Yes, not the same as LC's BBQ. See pictures of the place below near Barry Road.

                                                      1. re: jvergara

                                                        I <3 <3 <3 LC's! I grew up on it, being from the northland area and still go by there when I'm in town. Good old fashioned greasy burger and fries! They have two locations now, not only the one off of Prarie View but there is another, drive thru location, off North Oak next to the sonic.

                                                      2. Blanc Burger and Bottles is more upscale than some of the ones that others have already mentioned, but the burgers are excellent, as are the sweet potato fries.
                                                        Jerry's Woodweather Cafe in the West Bottoms and Swagger Bar and Grill also have great burgers in a much more casual setting.
                                                        On the Kansas side, try the Burger Stand in Lawrence, owned by Robert Krause.

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                                                        1. re: Around the Block

                                                          We have tried the Blanc Burgers in Leawood twice, but not been impressed. The burgers were OK, but nothing special.

                                                          Actually the dish I enjoyed the most was the spinach and watercress salad.

                                                        2. Room 39 in KC has the best hamburger I've ever eaten. And the fries tie for best in town, though the other place that has great ones has horrid management and service, so I won't even name it.

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                                                          1. re: dmd_kc

                                                            We tried Rm 39, the one on Mission, on our last trip to KC and were underwhelmed especially with the hamburger. It just was not anything special. I had the duck confit salad and it was OK. We did notice that they seemed very short handed, so maybe not the regular people in the kitchen? Maybe we should try the other one on 39th? Service was gracious even though short handed. We will try it again just because everybody here seems to think so much of it.