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Nov 15, 2006 08:29 PM

23rd and 11th - Restaurant recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in the vicinity of 23rd and 11th (seeing a show there). Something a little hip and trendy, but food is priority.

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  1. Trestle on 10th
    Tia Pol
    Red Cat

    1. Love Red Cat. Tia Pol rocks as well.

      1. agree with above tho two others to consider....

        on 10th and 20th is cookshop (i know, i know. am a teensy bit obsessed these days) and on 9th and 24th is grand sichuan for fab chinese

        1. I second (or third!) Red Cat. Must have the sauteed (really lightly fried) zucchini for an appetizer. It's awesome.

          1. I've gone strict veg since I was last there, but I must agree with Red Cat; it's a lovely place and the food was fantastic.