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Best combination of food and view?

After some recent posts about Julius Castle (closed for renovations), it got me wondering what is the best combination of great food and a great view in SF? It seems like those two rarely go hand in hand, which is odd in this city.

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  1. You're right! I've been wracking my brain to think of good suggestions and all I come up with is...
    Boulevard (if you can get a table on the Embarcadero side)
    Cliff House
    or you could head to Sausalito...

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    1. re: HoneybeeSF

      hog island oysters in the ferry plaza...

    2. Boulevard, but they generally won't guarantee a table with a view.

      Views draw tourists. It's repeat customers who demand quality.

      1. Boulevard's really the only one in my opinion.

        1. Although I know a lot of people hate on it, I had a great meal at Slanted Door. I also love eating at Hog Island Oyster Bar but you have to go at on off time or get lucky to have all members of your party enjoying the view.

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          1. re: Candice

            I've had good food at Slanted Door. I don't like it for other reasons but if some visitor insisted on buying me a meal someplace with a view in SF I might go there.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I tend to eat very late dinners, so I end up avoiding the masses and noise that goes with them. Not sure if you're talking about the crowds and noise though.

              1. re: Candice

                The sterile 1960s airport waiting lounge atmosphere's my main issue. The great wine list's some consolation.

          2. Also, I know a lot of people aren't fans of Greens (I have no idea why, every meal I've had there has been amazing), but they have a great view as well.

            1. I always forget about Monte Cristo Cafe. Right across the street from Slanted Door, in Embarcadero Center, same view only better. They seem to change chefs every few months but the food's been good under the last three. Free validated parking nights and weekends.


              1. Anybody know what Paul Kuletto is planning for that new development along Embarcadero? He's developing that spot across the street from the Gap's HQ. But I haven't heard exactly what it'll be.

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                  I read somewhere (I think the SF Biz Times - but their website is currently down) - that it will be some sort of hotel w/"floating" pool and restaurants/shopping. I don't believe they've even broken ground yet, so it'll bee a few years...

                  1. re: HoneybeeSF

                    They're working on it now. Looks like they're prepping the foundation this week. It's probably a year away or so.

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                    Twin places. One seafood the other meat.

                  3. Gordon-Biersch also has a great view. The upstairs dining area is surprisingly nice given the zoo bar scene downstairs.

                    1. how about Sausalito? Any rec's with views there.

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                        Spinnaker has an amazing view and the food is OK. Remember you "pay" for the view. If nothing else, have cocktails and appetizers in the the Bar area. Full moon, clear night, great view of the City and the entire Bay.

                        1. re: swoman

                          We had a party at Horizon's/Ondine in Sausalito.

                          The food was surprisingly outstanding. Event only space upstairs and full restaurant downstairs has amazing views!

                      2. No one mentioned The Waterfront Restaurant? The food isn't as good as Boulevard but it's not bad by any means. It surprised the last time I was there for a faux in-law meal. Can't report recently but here's the search link:

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                          Yup, at the suggestions of fellow hounds, I took my daughter and friends to celebrate her birthday there in October, and we were very happy. The view was really outstanding (we sat next to the window, as a party of 5), and the food came through; the service really was outstanding.

                        2. Butterfly
                          Chaya- back room, view of Bay Bridge/treasure island. I like Chaya, I use to go to the one in LA. The food is good not great, great location.

                          I wish some amazing chef and interior designer would take over the Carnelian Room, then you would have a HOT spot.

                          My question to anyone that reads this does ANA MANDARA have a view?

                          I know of a picnic table that faces the Golden Gate bridge in a secluded area and have brought a spread that would serve as five stars.

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                            1. re: Lori SF

                              I've complained loudly about Butterfly in the past, but recently went with a group and was very happy with our meal. What once was messy, dis-unified and inconsistent fusion seems to have become more of a signature style. I would go there again, and if you're looking to impress someone who wants a good view, you could do worse.

                            2. there is also the Carnelian room, top of the mark, the other hotels with a view.

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                              1. re: himbeer

                                What do you think of the food at the Carnelian Room?

                                1. re: Melanie Wong

                                  I haven't been to the Carnelian since the rehaul.

                                  I think there was a report of a brunch at Top of the Mark.

                                  I recommend a picnic on a floor hallway in the Mandarin.

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                                  I love the Top of the Mark for drinks. Is any food avaliable?

                                  1. re: Glencora

                                    I have had Champagne Buffet Brunch at the Top of the Mark which was quite good, and QUITE pricey!

                                3. There is little that compares to the view from Sutro's, preferably at luinch when it is still light. The food is not great but it is good. The portions are large, so it is best to stick to soup (generally excellent) and appetizers. This may be a tourist trap, but it is too nice to leave to the tourists.

                                  1. Who's going to the Empress of China for the view and drinks?

                                    1. though the food is very uneven, and service can be shaky, the views at both the atrium and the beach chalet at ocean beach are lovely. the atrium in particular, has a great atmosphere on a pretty day. but it can take forever to be served. but if you're in no rush and happy to enjoy surroundings, its nice.

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                                      1. atrium is in the same building as the beach chalet - just in the back, on the first floor. i'm not sure if they share a kitchen - but the food is similar (as is the service)

                                        1. the atrium you're referring to is called Park Chalet. It doesn't really have any view, but it is a nice little pocket between the beach and the park

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                                          1. re: barndog

                                            The Park Chalet's view is of the back of the Beach Chalet.

                                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                              No it's not - it faces the garden in back.

                                          2. I went to the Carnelian Room a year ago, at lunch. The chef at the time was from 231 Ellsworth. The menu had good, basic high-end dishes: porkbelly, fish, duck, etc. It wasn't cutting edge, but everything was delicious, pretty, and well-proportioned on the plate. Technically, there was nothing wrong with anything they served. I had a cumin-scented squash soup that was delish, and a perfectly cooked snapper, with the right proportion of light brown crust to moist flakiness. The sauce was a flawless buerre blanc. The view on a cloudless winter day was stunning. Wine list was interesting. It was totally worth the cost, which, really, was no more expensive than other civilised restaurants at street level. The place was empty. More gourmands should give it a chance. http://carnelianroom.com/page/1a34h/M...