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Nov 15, 2006 07:56 PM

Any Argentinean gems I don't know about?

There's the usual:

Gaucho Grill


Mercado Buenos Aires

Uno (in Woodland Hills)

Spain (oddly enough, menu is half Argentinean - Echo Park)

Anything else?

I've read about the new "concept" by the Gaucho Grill folks...called "Charcoal"...but don't know if any of them have opened yet...

Anything I may have missed in Greater Los Angeles?

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  1. I can't speak for it personally, but a friend just told me about Santino's on Lincoln in Santa Monica. She said they do an outdoor grill night that's great, and make good Argentinian pizzas as well. Anyone been?

      1. re: RicRios

        thanks for this post, it helps me out a lot too

      2. there's a pretty good empanada place in downtown monrovia, although i am blanking on the name right now...

        1. The place you are thinking in Monrovia is actually called Empanada’s Place. They are ok, over priced for me, very little hole in the wall kind of thing. This is kind of far from were you are looking at but Villa Roma in Laguna Niguel is awesome. Maybe you can check them out on a weekend.

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            There's an Empanada's place on Venice at Sawtelle in Culver City too. Cash only!

            1. re: silvana

              there's also one somewhere in the Valley..on Ventura I think

              1. re: Diana

                The one in Tarzana closed recently.

            2. Grand Casino is a great bakery and BAKED empanadas place in Culver City on Main St.