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Any Argentinean gems I don't know about?

There's the usual:

Gaucho Grill


Mercado Buenos Aires

Uno (in Woodland Hills)

Spain (oddly enough, menu is half Argentinean - Echo Park)

Anything else?

I've read about the new "concept" by the Gaucho Grill folks...called "Charcoal"...but don't know if any of them have opened yet...

Anything I may have missed in Greater Los Angeles?

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  1. I can't speak for it personally, but a friend just told me about Santino's on Lincoln in Santa Monica. She said they do an outdoor grill night that's great, and make good Argentinian pizzas as well. Anyone been?

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        thanks for this post, it helps me out a lot too

      2. there's a pretty good empanada place in downtown monrovia, although i am blanking on the name right now...

        1. The place you are thinking in Monrovia is actually called Empanada’s Place. They are ok, over priced for me, very little hole in the wall kind of thing. This is kind of far from were you are looking at but Villa Roma in Laguna Niguel is awesome. Maybe you can check them out on a weekend.

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            There's an Empanada's place on Venice at Sawtelle in Culver City too. Cash only!

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              there's also one somewhere in the Valley..on Ventura I think

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                The one in Tarzana closed recently.

            2. Grand Casino is a great bakery and BAKED empanadas place in Culver City on Main St.


              1. Great. Thanks. Though the list that RicRios provided is somewhat outdated...if I remember correctly, Obelisco in Woodland Hills has been closed for quite some time.

                Anyone heard anything about that new "Charcoal" place? I think they're opening one across from the Beverly Center (though I could be wrong on the location).

                1. There is El Guacho Market in on the corner of Manhattan Beach Blvd and Lawndale in Redondo Beach. Mostly buy their marinated meats to take home and grill, but also decent empanadas, and some sandwiches.

                  Don't know how their empanadas place to other places, but their marinated meats are really really good.

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                    Watch out!
                    "Guacho" translates as "bastard".
                    You probably meant "Gaucho" ...

                  2. Buenos Aires Grille in Northridge (Corbin & Nordhoff). Very good food, good prices too.

                    I steer away from the steaks (no pun intended) as I tried their filet once and it was kind of tough, but everything else I've tried there was great. Really like the chicken milanesa, the salads and sandwiches are good, also the empanadas. They have different specials every night, one night they had gnocci and it was excellent.

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                      Can a place really be Argentinian without having good Steaks & Bife?

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                        Yes there are lots of other things on the menu besides steaks.

                        Also I'm not saying their steaks are bad, they have all the regular Argentinian cuts (bife de lomo etc.). I only had steak there the 1 time and it was a little tough but I find Argentinian meats tend to be tough in general. I have bought Argentinian steaks at Whole Foods and found them the be tough for my taste as well. Personally if I want steak I will go to a steak house (Monty's, Taylor's, RC, etc). When I go to an Argentinian restaurant I don't order steak.

                    2. theres a place on sunset and vine that used to be called santinos. but they broke off from the original partner and its called something else now. sorry but i forgot...

                      its in the atch kotch/super tortas mall..

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                        It's called Tango, and I've been there twice and had two good meals there recently. Really it was the same dish, only once with skirt steak and once with top sirloin.

                        In both cases, the meat was done perfectly (I liked the skirt steak better), the mashed potatoes were better the first time, as they were a little fluffier, but still good the second time.

                        The killer here is their chimicurri sauce. It is delicious on the meat and the potatoe and the bread, etc.

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                          >theres a place on sunset and vine that used to be called santinos. but they broke off from the original partner and its called something else now. sorry but i forgot...

                          We dined at the then-named Santino's in late August, getting there around 9, when the place was deserted, and then watching 35 people walk in for a party at 10:30. Food wonderful and full of the young local Argentine crowd.

                          However, last Saturday we arrived to find the place had a new name (Tango's) and was closing at 9. Something funny happened. We left and had back luck finding a second place open (Ca'Brea where we'd had a happy meal among a huge crowd back in early September).

                          After two failures, our party ended up at Massimo's in Beverly Hills.

                          Donata Lewandowski Guerra

                        2. Well... I am not particularly fond of Argentinian cuisine (its okay but not special) & I am genetically predisposed to disliking Argentina & Argentinians... I am Mexican... but if there is something that Argentina is an authority on... its Beef.

                          Now granted, it does take a little more skill to prepare an Argentinian steak.. Gaucho style... than say something from the Midwest. But, once you know what you are doing... Argentinian beef is significantly superior (much more assertive, gamey flavored) than anything you can get in the states.

                          BTW, you have never really eaten a steak... until you have eaten the traditional Gaucho 7 courses of steak... with just a little chimichurri sauce & Red Wine.

                          With that said... after having the Gaucho style meats in South America... I do know there aren't any decent Argentinian bife places in L.A... so I am not debating that the Filet there didn't suck.

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                            I spent a month in Buenos Aires a few years ago, had many a steak there as well as parrillada at a couple places and I was not impressed with the meat, I always found it to be tough and usually overcooked. However the food in general was great, the pizza was really good there, there are a lot of Italian immigrants so all of the Italian food was great.

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                              ...bizarre & the Steaks where prepared on the giant skewers instead of plain old grilling?

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                                Depends on the place, for the parrillada (mixed grill) they usually brought the meat out on the big skewers, different cuts of steak, sausage, tripe, beef brains etc. For the regular steaks I think they just grilled them. Don't remember all the details, I just remember my buddy who I went with who was raised in BA kept telling me for months how great the meat was there, and I didn't think it was all that great.

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                              What does not liking Argentineans have to do with food?! hmm

                              1. re: silvana

                                I wouldn't give them credit for something they didn't absolutely deserve.

                            3. Carlitos Gardel's on Melrose West of Fairfax

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                                It took 20 posts for someone to finally get around to mentioning Carlito's Gardel at 7963 Melrose just west of Fairfax. Superb food, very nice setting, delightful owners, and a way better than you should expect wine list.
                                More info here:

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                                  Protest! It's mentioned in the link in post # 2 ...

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                                    And it looked like every other restaurant in LA County was also listed in that post!!! Sorry I did not open it when making my comment Ric.

                              2. Also - catalina market at western and santa monica and carniceria argentina on victory near colfax.
                                the ca. argent has fugazza and argentine products (industria argentina) as well as meats.

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                                  Fugazza the same thing as fugazzetta [the argentine/italian pizza with carmelized onion and ham with no red sauce]? Love that stuff.

                                2. For take out only, Continental Market on Prairie Ave in Hawthorne has good empanadas ($1.25) and Argentinian style sandwiches from their deli counter. They also have a meat counter but I haven't tried anything yet.
                                  BTW the owners are Argentinian...

                                  1. There's a tiny place called Colo's tucked in the back of a mini mall across from the giant neon clown at Circus Liquors at Vineland and Burbank Bl in North Hollywood. Pretty darn good and they have a butcher shop too.

                                    Steve Doggie-Dogg

                                    1. jonathan gold profiles café de la ciudad in mercado buenos aires on kcrw's "good food" here: http://www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/gf/g...

                                      1. I do love the Mercado Buenos Aires (didn't know the restaurant had a different name). Whenever I walk in there, I feel like I'm back in Buenos Aires...complete with the serve staff ignoring me and chatting amongst themselves or watching a futbol (soccer) game on the tube while people line up at the deli counter...memories!

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                                          Haha....Buenos Aires Grille is the same way, the owners and staff are all from Argentina or thereabouts and there are always people coming in hugging and kissing and chatting, going in and out of the kitchen, and always soccer games on TV.

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                                            Yes, and I miss that when I go somewhere else. I love it!
                                            I love going to Tito’s Market in El Monte too, even though I think they sold out big time. But the owners (son’s right now) know me since I was 5-6 years old, when they were a little hole in the wall across the street from where they are now, always greet you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek...

                                        2. I agree, Carlito's Gardel is the best kept secret. their steaks melt in your mouth.

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                                            I'm so excited... going to Carlitos Gardel tomorrow night!!

                                            Hopefully they'll have their guitarist playing too...