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Best Steak Tartar in city

Any input as the best restaurant for steak tartar? Had it for the first time this weekend at Balthazar and I thought it was great!

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  1. I've had Balthazar's and as far as tartare goes it's nothing special, barely passable actually. Employees Only has an excellent ST prepared tableside.

    1. Lots of threads on this--do a search.
      Here's a recent one: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/33590...

      1. check out the new spot in the Time Hotel on 49th st called "7 Square." It's about two months old, and the tartre is delicious! I've worked in steakhouses, and this one rocks.

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          I am thinking of dining here this Saturday, what did you think?

        2. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

          1. I havent been to Robuchon but my favorite has been the 21 club.. If ever there was a place to order it, its there..

            1. It's been many years, but the tartare at Cafe des Artistes was pretty memorable...

              1. Blue Ribbon has a decent one too

                1. Last night, I had the Steak Tartare at 7Square. It was amazing!The best I ever had. It came with homemade potato chips and pickled vegetables. I made a meal out of it with a side of macaroni and cheese, which was also very good.

                  1. Chiming in to second blue ribbon. I am definitely curious to try some of the other places listed here though.

                    1. I had one at Père Pinard on the lower east side and it was good. It was prepared tableside and it was not too expensive and good. This is a nice place, but a bit on the noisy side.