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Nov 15, 2006 07:42 PM

Birthday Lunch Ideas around King and Bay

I am taking my asst out for lunch for her birthday one week from today. There are 4 of us. Two of them, including her like "plain food". Italian or sandwiches, burgers, etc. I can't think of a place to go. It has to be close by (between Front and Adelaide and Church and Bay) because our whole group is going. We went to the Irish Embassy a couple weeks ago for another birthday so I don't want to go there again. PJ O'Brien's is too similar. Soul of the Vine bores me. Any suggestions (preferably not too steep, she's great, but I can't afford to take her to Bymark, lol)?

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  1. What about Mercatto on Bay St or even the one on Toronto Street (a bit quieter) You can't make reservations as far as I know but it's great reasonable food that most people can find something they like. It can get a bit noise in there.

    I also like Beer Bistro although I have not been for lunch in a while, always after works appetizers. What about the place from Marche & Acqua in BCE place- Masquerade? I haven't been in a few years but we often went there when celebrating birthdays back when I worked in BCE place.

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      Thanks, Mercatto is on the list as a back-up. It's good for the birthday girl, but I find it boring generally.
      I was at a function at Acqua about a month ago. I find certain things great and certain things blah. I actually prefer going there to the bar.
      Marche - I am not a princess by any stretch, but if I'm paying that kind of money for my lunch I like it brought to me and plus I don't think it lends itself well for good conversation, etc. the way it's set up.
      Beer Bistro is an option.

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        My bad by typing too quickly. I was not suggesting Marche or Acqua but the place ACROSS the atrium from them in the south east corner. I believe it was called Masquerade. Not sure if it's still there or any good but we always liked it, had good reasonable Italian food there and were out in an hour.

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          Thanks, it was reasonably good (especially the ravioli) - but it's not there anymore.

    2. Terroni for Italian? On Victoria, just south of Richmond. Here's their website.

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          If you go to Terroni (and I second that recommendation), make a reservation -- it's packed at lunchtime.

      1. Would JK Wine Bar be too far out of the "plain food" category? They take reservations at lunch...

        1. Beer Bistro wins! Its the best of all the places mentioned.

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            Thanks all - I've made reservations at Beer Bistro.