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Nov 15, 2006 07:31 PM

Di Bartolo on Grand in Oakland??

I was picking up a repaired computer last night and saw this restaurant while walking from the car. Anybody been? There were only a few folks inside when I walked by. Looks relaxed fancy. I picked up a menu but haven't had a chance to look at it. There's a prix fixe menu, I think it's 5-7 and $27.

Will look at menu and report more. Is this owned by somebody related to the old owner of the 49rs?

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  1. If you do a search, you will find two previous threads - one from right after opening and one more recent.

    There are definately mixed reviews about this place.

    My husband and I enjoyed a meal there recently. I loved waiting for our table in the bar in the back and tried a couple of their specialty drinks - pricey but unusual and yummy.

    Our table service was good and our dinners (my DH had the roast chicken and I had the pizza with egg - another unusual but yummy treat. We did spend more than a meal like that should have cost us, but it was because of the fancy drinks and $12 glass of sure did add up. I would love to see this type of place stick around in the neighborhood, so please give it a try and join in on the debate.

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      Yeah, that's one thing I noticed about this place - the wine by the glass seemed very expensive. There was one red and one white at $7 and the rest were all double digits. C'mon! Wine prices haven't gone up THAT much.

    2. The first (negative) thread was mine. However, this was before the current chef, Jason. I actually met him at a bar a couple months ago & started chatting. I told him my meal there was really pretty bad, and he said that there were lots of complaints about the original chef. He totally revamped the menu, and although I haven't been back to check it out, it seems like a totally different experience now. He's really passionate about what he does & I've heard positive reports since he's been there. It may be worth a try.