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Nov 15, 2006 07:04 PM

Help! Hound-worthy restaurant btwn Katy&Austin?

I live in Austin and my best friend's parents are going to be in Katy TX for a wedding this weekend. Since I rarely get to see them and I just had my first baby - we are too close to not get together. They offered to drive to Austin and back to houston after dinner, but I couldn't make them do a 6 hour round trip!

I need a chowhound-worthy place to meet them for dinner mid-way between the two off 10 or 71, maybe... Geographically - La Grange seems to be half-way...and i seem to think someone told me of a steakhouse there that is good. Columbus or Schulenburg wouldn't be too far out, but a farther trip for me than them...(I am selfish). if something along 71 toward Smithville were to be suggested, a shorter drive from austin wouldn't be too bad since I will be driving with the baby!

Please let me know what foodies eat in this area of texas? I was recommended Carol's in Cat Spring - but that is too far for me (2 hrs from Austin, 45 min from Katy)...

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  1. Oh - and if any suggestions include texas ambience and offer vegetarian options?

    1. A good bet (certainly mine) is The Brazos Belle in Burton. Just northwest of Brenham, it's about half way between Hou and Aus on Hwy 290 (which is not a great inconvenience from Katy; Hwy 36 going north from Sealy will get them to 290, and it is a nice drive). A unique place serving quality French food made with local ingredients. Check ahead since they have limited hours in the "off season" - now, that is. And bring home a couple of loaves of their (wonderful) made on the premises bread.

      The La Grange steakhouse you referred to is probably the Boss Steakhouse, a real throughback and nothing special IMO (I think that it's open in the evenings only). The other La Grange option is the Chicken Ranch, but it has been closed for some years now.

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        If we do end up on the La Grange side of things (I live off 71 in austin - I'd hate to go through Austin to 290E!), I will make sure they know about La Grange's real claim to fame! Thanks for the suggestion, the thought of french bakery bread might just win out over driving convenience...

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          Please don't get me wrong, I don't mean to sound pushy, but from south Austin you can get to Burton easily by taking 71 to Bastrop, than 21 to 290. From there its a quick jog to Burton. Easy.

          I must admit that Bistro 108 sounds good also, but I have not been able to get any detailed information on it. Enjoy yourself wherever you wind up.

      2. In La Grange we like Bistro 108, right on the square downtown. We've been there a few times and never been disappointed. Reasonably priced too!


        1. If you're into kitch - try Frank's in Schulenberg. It's not fancy. Just honest to goodness TX food. CFS, Steak, Meatloaf, and great homemade breads.

          1. not sure of any place off of I-10 but i love Round Top Cafe in Round Top, a bit closer to 290, but still not far from 71.