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Nov 15, 2006 06:51 PM

Jars of Chestnuts?

Has anyone seen jars of chestnuts yet? Our family chestnut tradition falls on Thanksgiving, not Christmas, and sometimes it's hard to find them this early.

Trader Joe's used to carry them seasonally, but when I was in the one in Brookline last Friday they said they didn't have any and weren't sure they'd be getting any. My local grocery store doesn't have them (Star Market, Quincy). I haven't been to Whole Foods yet -- could also check out Cardullo's, but everything there is so overpriced, even compared to WF.


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  1. You could try William Sonoma. They had them last year at this time.

    1. Fruit Center in East Milton Square has about a thousand pounds of loose chestnuts in their produce area. They looked really good--I don't remember the price, though.

      1. I saw jars of chestnuts at the Shaw's Market on Western Ave. (Allston) last week. They were in the produce section, next to the lemons (don't ask me why).

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          I was trying to think where I saw them recently--I think it was the Porter Sq. Shaw's.

        2. I'm betting you're looking for marone glace? The candied chestnuts? Try the North End...start with Dairy Fresh Candies. If they don't have them they'll know who does.

          1. Trader Joe's on Boylston St. has vacuum packed shelled chestnuts--over $3 for a small pack. I miss the ones in the jars from a few years ago too--those were organic and under $3 for a huge jar.