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Nov 15, 2006 06:33 PM

Fresh Turkeys in Sothern California

Hi - we just moved to the PAsadena Area. Does anyone know of where to get a fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving?

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  1. Whole Foods on Foothill.

    Bristol Farms on Fair Oaks.

    1. Mayfair (part of the Gelson's chain) has excellent fresh local turkeys from Shelton, a Southern California producer. You can get organic or free-range natural.

      There are Mayfairs in Silver Lake and Los Feliz, and Gelson's at other locations around the area.

      They may also carry other brands.

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      1. re: Mr. Cookie

        There is a Gelson's in Pasadena on Columbus, I think. In the Paseo

      2. Go to How's. They are on Huntington and San Gabriel. They have fresh organic turkeys (1.99/lb)