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Nov 15, 2006 06:31 PM

Week long vacation in DC...NEED HELP!!!

My boyfriend and I are coming to DC for a week long vacation in mid-to-end of February. We're staying downtown Sun-Wed nights and staying with his family in Georgetown Thurs & Fri nights. We haven't booked our hotel yet (we will be staying in downtwon), we will have a car but prefer to use the metro/cab/bus so travel really isn't an issue. When making recommendations please keep in mind that we will be in town for a whole week so we can't spend $200+ on every dinner. Pretty much any type of cuisine, although I would like to stay away from steakhouses and italian as we have plenty at home (unless there's one that's OUTSTANDING). I would also like to stay away from any place where khakis and a sweater would be considered unacceptable attire. We have a hard time deciding on food (usually pick what we're in the mood for at that moment) so places that don't require a reservation (don't mind waiting) would be a plus.

1. Breakfast (must have good coffee)
2. Lunch (preferably near touristy places as my boyfriend has never been to DC before)
3. Dinner (no chains, no tourist traps)
-Wednesday night we are going to the Caps game so something near the arena would be nice
-We're not sure what time we will be arriving Sunday afternoon/evening so something that doesn't require reservations (and good for the road weary)
-One night I would like a nice romantic dinner for the two of us
4. Bars (we are not the club type, more hole in the wall type place where we can play darts)

I've been reading a lot of the posts on this board and for some of the more recommended ones addresses and websites would be a huge help.


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  1. Here's a version of my response to a similar request a few months back. Most are easy to get to; the ones that aren't (like Colorado Kitchen) are well worth the trip.

    Breakfast/brunch: Colorado Kitchen, Teaism, Tabard Inn
    Lunch: Colorado Kitchen, CF Folks, Breadline, Jaleo, Belga Cafe, 2 Amys, Pizzeria Paradiso, Domku, the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum, Taqueria Distrito Federal
    Dinner: Palena, Corduroy, Vidalia, Charlie Palmer Steak, Montmartre, Kinkead's, Sonoma, Blue Duck Tavern, Zaytinya, one of the Ethiopian restaurants in the 9th Street NW area

    Jaleo (tapas) and Zaytinya (Middle Eastern) are your best bets near the Verizon Center. Palena, Vidalia, Charlie Palmer Steak, Sonoma, Blue Duck and Kinkead's all qualify as romantic.

    There are a ton of Irish pubs where you can play darts. There's also Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle.

    1. I'd throw in Blacksalt and Blacks (same owner), although Blacks is Metro accessible and Blacksalt is tough to get to. For brunch, add in Dukem on U St. (I think 10th or 11th?) for Ethiopian brunch. Its a little different than dinner, but the food is great and a very DC thing to do. Oh, and Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont is great, 17th and Q I believe.

      1. Breakfast -

        Breakfast/Lunch - (800 Conn. Ave location is right by White House; 8th st. location is close to Mall


        Lunch near White House (weekdays only) -

        Lunch downtown/Dupont (weekdays, specials change daily, get one) -

        Lunch or Dinner near National Mall -

        Lunch or Dinner, Capitol Hill -

        I also second Dukem -

        Casual attire is fine at all of these places.

        1. In chinatown there is a restaurant named Burma. It is very difficult to get Burmese food anywhere but the DC area. It is so good. Tasty but not too hot spicy. The Green tea salad is a must and not available many places. It is a place where you will be comfortable dressed however you wish. close to the arena and not too expensive.

          1. All of these suggestions are good ones. I would like to add Meskerem on 18th street to the list of Ethiopian restaurants. I usually stop there when I am in town. It's very good. Tapas at Jaleo are also good.

            Meskerem's website: