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fresh dungeness crab and Italian recipes

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Two questions really, I was reading the article in the Chron this morning about crab season and I was wondering if anyone has actually been to Half Moon Bay to buy the crabs off the boats - what time of day can you do this and is it ok to walk up to any crab boat and ask about buying some or is there some protocol to follow?

Also, are any of you out there from an Italian family with a traditional crab recipe they could share? I'm an Italian American with no knowledge of seafood recipes even though my family did originate in a Sicilian fishing village, any of those receipes were left behind when they immigrated to the midwest :( I would love to learn some.

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    1. Hi

      As noted by Robert, recipes are discussed on the Home Cooking board, please repost your recipe request there.


      1. Sorry about mixing up my posts...I'll check out the the other board.

        Still interested in any info on buying crab directly off the boats if anyone has some info on that.

        1. has actually been to Half Moon Bay to buy the crabs off the boats

          Go to Pillar Point Harbor, find the harbor master's office. It is the building on the right (north), across the street from the restrooms, before you get on the "wharf".

          In front of the harbor master's office will be a sandwich board (sign), on the board is: name of boat, location of boat (e.g., Pier A or Pier C), and seafood for sale. In addition to buying from the boats, there is a seafood retailer across the parking lot (east) from the harbor master's office.

          At the end of the wharf is the commercial dock/fish processor. Occasionally, they will be offloading seafood from boats. The commercial dock is on the right (north). South is the fuel dock.

          1. Thanks so much for the help! Sounds like a fun excursion with my parents during their visit next week and something I've always wanted to do.

            1. I'm thinking of driving down to Half Moon Bay next Wednesday to pick up some crabs for Thanksgiving. Just wondering if anyone has any experience getting crabs from down there for Thanksgiving. I figure Wednesday is probably the latest I can get crabs for Thanksgiving.

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                brian, since you work in Marin, you might want to call C&S Fish to see if they're doing any deliveries to Marin or South Sonoma County. Here's the info from last year -

              2. If you don't want to go that far, in past years there's been a guy who sells out of South SF -- here's a post that includes contact info: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/22213

                1. WOW sounds like a great Thanksgiving Day change up or addition. My try to mix it up this year here in Florida. I would love to be able to get fresh Dungie off the boat, but atleast we have our fresh fish down here... Happy Thanksgiving everyone.