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Nov 15, 2006 05:59 PM

jean-georges what to order?

Hi there,

really excited, myself, my partner and my best friend are having dinner at Jean-Georges to celebrate my birthday but I was wondering if you could tell me what dishes are not to be missed? We are thinking about having one of the tasting menus, probably the autumn one..


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  1. Man, if you get a chance to handle up on the ballotine of lobster, DO IT! The captain recited something like fourteen spices that were in the broth, but the overall effect was of one gorgeous flavor that I never knew existed and didn't ever want to live without again.

    1. I believe that with the tasting menus you don't get a choice. You could each order different tasting menus and share them, I think. I don't have a copy of the autumn menu, only the summer menu. Some of my favorite dishes are
      Sea trout sashimi draped in trout eggs, dill and horseradish.
      Foie gras brulee
      Sea bass crusted with nuts and seeds

      But nothing there is short of excellent.

      Happy Birthday and bon appetit!

      1. foie gras creme brulee something or other was delish as are the sea scallops with cauliflower

        1. go for the tasting menu. we were there over the summer and had an incredible experience. we were pleasantly suprised at how accomodating they were with the menu. we were basically encouraged to make any substitutions we desired from the a la carte menu. a fantastic meal..enjoy

          1. the sea trout sashimi is explosive