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Say you had two dry aged Niman Ranch NY Strip Steaks and a Gas Grill

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What would you do as far as marindades/sides? I'm leaning towards just salt/pepper and maybe a bit of worchestire in which I've soaked some crushed garlic with a simple balsamic/evoo grilled artichoke. Would love any other suggestions, though!

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  1. Throw away the gas grill, get some hardwood charcoal, and don't put anything on the steaks, nor marinate them. Sear to medium rare, add a pat of butter to melt on top, and add salt and pepper to taste; or a dash of soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. Eat.

    1. I too would avoid any marinades that might distract from the flavor of a dry aged steak. Simple S&P rub or a steak seasoning. You could accompany the steak w/ some blue cheese or gongonzola and carmelized onions, though :). That way you can add these flavors as you like. And a nice Cab or Syrah or drink it down!

      1. If you have a dry aged steak, it shouldn't go anywhere near a marinade. Just lots and lots of salt and pepper. More salt than you think should go on it. Cook over high heat. Rare is best, medium rare is the most it should be cooked. You can finish it with a pat of butter when you take it off the grill if you choose. Resist all urge to eat immediately and let it sit for 10 minutes after removing it from the heat.

        1. Thanks, all- No marinade for these, then! What about sides? The steaks are huge. I'm tempted to make it a meat-only meal. :)

          1. Sides?
            -Mashed Potatoes with roasted garlic, cheese or some truffle oil, or baked potatoes
            -Creamed spinach
            -oven fries
            -Grilled zucchini strips

            1. The meal happened last night. :) We had some grilled artichokes (which shriveled, the heart was cooked, but you couldn't pull the flesh off the leaves) and grilled "steak freis." The meat was good, but not $50 good- thankfully I'd used my KQED Membership Thank You Gift of a $50 certificate to Niman Ranch to order them.

              1. here's what I like -- no, love -- for steak: kosher salt mixed w/ 1/2 amount cumin and big pinch of allspice. Rub on rib eyes and grill. Fabulous.

                I served to my Dad and was nervous since he's a steak straightforward kinda guy, but he loved it. It's my favorite way now to grill a steak.

                I got it from Gourmet Mag in June 2000 and have been grilling steaks this way since! here's the recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

                1. I know it's too late here, but next time rub the steaks with Kosher salt and maybe some black pepper around noon the day you're going to cook them. Take them out of the fridge a couple of hours before grilling and set them on a rack over a platter - cover loosely with a clean towel if you're worried about flies or inquisitive cats. I see no particular need for a charcoal fire unless you're some kind of smoke freak, because you're cooking these quickly anyway - I'll use either my gas grill or the iron grill pan, depending on the weather. I grill mine over very high heat until they feel right when I poke them with my finger; as I have no way to impart the knowledge residing in that fingertip, you're likely better off finding the usual time-based directions somewhere.