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Where is the best mexican north of boston? I am taking my best friend to dinner tonight and he is craving something south of the border!

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  1. Mexico Lindo in Melrose.

    1. I second the vote for mexico lindo - it is excellent

      1. I agree, Mexico Lindo is your best bet. South of Boston, it's "Mexico" in Providence.

        1. I would agree with Mexico Lindo- good margarita's, too. Last time I was there I had some k ind of crabmeat dish- really good. If you go, let us know what you think.

          1. North of Boston, Mexico Lindo gets my vote as well.

            1. just 2 b different.

              Cafe Azteca in Lawrence

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                I haven't been there in years. I work in North Andover, so it is not really too far. Will have to try it again soon. Thanks for the reminder!

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                  Mexico Lindo just opened a place in Methuen, MA but I still like Cafe Azteca in Lawrence better.

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                    Info....you're a great source for "hometown" info today. Is Mexico Lindo open? Have you tried it? Curious b/c I saw the signs in the old "Red Tavern" building forever and assumed the project tanked.

                    BTW--agree with all above posters about the Melrose M.L. and Cafe Azteca. Cafe Azteca's tamales are the only ones (outside of Mexico) that I like

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                      hey golfer, Mexico Lindo is open, and yes I tried it. It was ok, but I thought Cafe Azteca was more authentic, especially the tamales.

                2. Has anyone tried Cielito Lindo in Beverly? I think it's a relatively new place on Cabot St.

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                    Happened to stop in a couple of weeks ago - potentially the best Mexican food I've had. Very authentic dishes, including a significant portion of the menu that included items I had never even heard of. Fortunately, it's still a hole in the wall, so I would get there while it's still quiet!

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                      A late addition to this thread, but I live in Beverly and was SO excited that Cielito Lindo is here. It's run by a young Mexican couple with recipes from their parents, and is definitely one of the best in the Boston area. Far better than the offerings in Salem. Authentic dishes and some traditional tex-mex for New Englanders. Good seafood, steaks, fresh guacamole, a limited liquor license. Alex is the owner, you can't go wrong.

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                        Cielito Lindo in Beverly is fantastic!!! Hands down the best Mexican food I have had in Massachusetts. I highly recommend the shrimp enchiladas, or the Enchiladas Aztecas! The sauces are excellent.

                        We recently moved from CA, and have been disappointed with most of the Mexican restaurants here - and believe me, we have tried them all as I am a Mexican food addict!

                        Agave would be my second favorite but is not even close to Cielito Lindo as far as authentic Mexican goes. We didn't think too much of Mexico Lindo in Melrose. After three trips to JalapeƱos, we gave up and stopped going. All others are pretty mediocre as well, with Edgewater in Salem being the worst in my opinion.

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                          gotta strongly disagree John. been there a few times last summer. the sauces were overcooked and the meats tasted like cat food. the only thing saving the place for me was the bartending.

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                            Agree. LOVE Agave in Newburyport. Food is great, drinks are great, atmosphere is great. Cielito Lindo has good food, but as a restaurant Agave wins for me hands down.

                            Border Cafe is good in Harvard Square with a large group, but loses it's appeal in outlying areas. It is very cheap though.

                            Agave is where it's at.

                          2. I have decided to post comments here about this Mexi joint Mexico Lindo,I just finished eating this very authentic meal and am very impressed with the food it self there are however some major flaws sutch as finding the place ,You need to know the area or fogeddaboudit ,no navi will get you there 5 Pleasant st. is the address but you need to enter at the other end of the building the sighn will say Red Roof Tavern I think.
                            The service was excellent concidering the Pats were playing all over the bar ,The drinks are :0) ,but I get the feeling the food is prepared in shifts and applied to the plates as you order which is fine if you have a microvave at the table ,the food was chilly !!! not just lookwarm but the real deal none the less the rice was very different as they use Jazmine ??? never seen that before but it could grow on me .

                            I am opening a Mexican joint myself in a few years in Andover M.A. called San Diago's and have passion for the food so in my opinion good food beats everything else and almost the temp??? Almost . Great joint just have them throw it back in the micro if its to cold and order a Patron Margarita:_)


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                              You're talking about the Mexico LIndo in Methuen? The one in Melrose is easy enough to find- if you can find Melrose. Melrose is off the beaten path, not that hard with directions but a bit confusing the first time.

                            2. Jalapeno's on Main St. in Gloucester. One of the best in the whole area, but overlooked 'cause of the out of the way location.

                              1. Tacos Lupita in Lawrence has some great Mexican dishes, too, with most being around $5.00, give or take a buck or two.

                                1. Another real "holein the wall" that has very good and authentic Mexican North of Boston is Tres Amigos which is on Rte 28 in Stoneham close to the Redstone Plaza. Very good food at reasonable prices. Try the Chilli Verde plate or have it in a burrito. Mmmmmmmmmmm

                                  1. On a recent road trip to Boston, I went downtown and had some excellent mexican food. The hidden gem i found was Zumas, in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, A little hard to find (its below street level, but has some signs)but some excellent authentic mexican food.

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                                      Really? I respectfully disagree - I thought Zuma was pretty horrible tourist-trap Tex Mex. Oh well.

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                                        I've got to agree with Prav. Didn't like Zuma at all when I tried it. For me this place epitomized bad Tex Mex food -- blah and totally lacking flavor, with a distinctly Disneyland-ified sense of what this cuisine should be. And it's in a dark, uninviting basement to boot. No thanks.

                                        Heck, I'd sooner go to Border Cafe, which is saying something.

                                        1. re: bachslunch

                                          Zuma has been there for ages; I actually was surprised to learn it is still there....has anyone been lately? I know, I know, it's americanized-tex-mex, not authentic in the least, but the food used to be half-decent. Does it compare at all with Border Cafe?

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                                        I've been searching for Mexican places between Framingham and Worcester and this is the first post I've seen for Tu Y Yo. Easily the best Mexican food I've had in the Boston area. Not Tex-Mex.

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                                          Somerville isn't going to be be found between Framingham and Worcerster...

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                                            Yes, of course. I suppose that's worth noting for those who may read my post and be misled. The point was that for all the talk about Mexican food in the Boston area, I was surprised Tu y Yo isn't mentioned more often.

                                            I wound up choosing Acapulco's in Sudbury for my event.

                                      2. NO MEXICO LINDO! We went to the restaurant anticipating great margaritas, guacamole, and atmosphere and were horribly disappointed. The margaritas were small and came in those generic cactus glasses (the ones that must come free when they buy their mix). The worst part was they had the flourescent lights on the entire time. I felt like I was eating in an old cafeteria or tacky furniture store.

                                        1. any decent mexican places in Metro West?

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                                            Taqueria Mexico and Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham are both good.