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Russo's today

My 2 yr old partner in crime and I took a roadtrip to Russos this morning. They were stocking up for the holidays. Piles of pantenone displayed by the registers. The pies looked great too. We got lots of goodies. A beautiful loaf of ciabatta(under $2!)on which I am now enjoying some fresh buff mozz, hot toscano salami and proscuitto with a side of those New York dill pickle chips. Enjoyed a very good almond croissant on the way home. The little guy has his fill of pears, plums and those seedless big red globe grapes and is now passed out. The place is amazing. Beautiful broccoli crowns on sale .98/lb. this week!

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  1. Yeah, I love it there, but it gets so unbearably crowded on the weekends.

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      it's the price you pay... :)

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        Yes it is. I feel like I need to self-medicate before going in on a busy day. They should hand out samples of scotch on the way in.

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          Can't help with the crowds inside the store, but my one sanity-preserving tip for weekends is to park in the way-back lot -- down the street to the right of the main lot and around the back. (Quite possibly this is common knowledge but I found it kind of life-changing.) It's still close to the store and much less prone to gridlock than the main lot. And ... to include some chow-content, I strongly recommend the Amish roll butter -- salty, delicious and cheap.

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            i second that amish butter, amen. cheap and delicious. i just finished my 1-lb roll last week. and speaking of amish dairy stuff, does anyone know where you can buy amish milk?

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              Does anyone know where I can order Amish butter? If so please let me know with a name and phone number. Thanks in advance TexasL

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            hahaha, a truer thing was never said!

      2. I love this place as well...although the more we rave about this place the more people go.

        One of my only problems (and this is truly my problem) is that I always buy more than I can use. I buy stuff that I am not sure what I am going to do with simply because it looks good and the prices are so low (for most things).

        I guess it is an unfortunate commentary on the other produce vendors in the area. Whole Foods has fine produce but very expensive compared to Russo's and I needn't comment on the mega-chains (Shaws/Star, S&S, etc.). Verrill Farms has wonderful heirloom tomatoes in season but other than that I don't find it that great.

        Any thoughts of other markets in the Greater Boston area that are worth a visit?

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          Try the Asian markets. We went to Russo's last Saturday (complete bedlam, gridlock in the parking lot!), then to C Mart in Boston. We found kabocha pumpkins in C Mart which the Russo's people hadn't even heard of. I already had too much stuff but the produce at C Mart is very fresh and well priced. Naturally they emphasize Asian vegetables so if you're looking for heirloom tomatoes or chanterelles they won't have them.

        2. Check out Wilson Farms in Lexington. I like it almost as much as I like Russo's.


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            Love Wilson Farm. I live in Melrose, and make the trip there for all of my produce. Their meat,cheese and bakery is great,too. One great thing about Wilsons is their organization. No matter how crowded, I am always in an out quickly. This weekend they will probably have some of the emmployees walking the shopping carts to your car- keeps the parking lots easier to maneuver.

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              does russo's ever carrt burrata cheese

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                Don't know- sorry. I shop at Wilsons- but may try Russo's one day.

          2. I love both Russo's and Wilson Farms. However, if possible Russo's can be too fresh, meaning their stuff seems to go bad more quickly than other places. Does anyone else find this? Because of this, you almost have to fight the weekend crowds if you want to make a nice meal Saturday night or Sunday.

            1. Russo's rocks, the best place for produce. It always seems to be busy; bet bet is to go an hour before closing!

              1. I went to Russo's tonight and purchased the fresh ravioli- in the cold winter months, I get the raviolis about once a month. The raviolis are located in the cheese department. I got 16 pieces (4 each of cheese, spinach, butternut squash, and porcini) for $5.62, a great price for a large dinner for 2. The butternut squash raviolis are amazing!

                I also get the salad bar about once a week for lunch- very very fresh and the variety is huge- usually including a pasta salad and grilled chicken. The cucumber dill dressing is worth the ride alone.

                I agree with Michael B- I always park in the back lot, there is a small sign for it and it's in the back in a business parking lot. Be careful at night though- I parked there tonight and there are NO lights in the back.

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                  I TOTALLY agree about that Cucumber dressing, it is SOOOOOO good, the salad bar is very good.
                  I went this past Sunday at 8:30am.....hardly anyone there; shopping there after a holiday is great, no crowds.

                2. I find Russo's to be hands-down the best source of vegetables in the area. However, while they have a fairly wide fruit selection I've never been impressed with the quality of their fruit. It's fine, but almost never delicious - it's usually not quite ripe enough, not quite fresh enough, not quite sweet or juicy enough.

                  Can anyone recommend a source of consistently delicious fruits?

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                    Wilson Farms in Lexington. My mother says they have the best oranges she ever tasted ( I don't love oranges, so am not a good judge). I got all of the fruit for my Thanksgiving fruit bowl there, and an sure it will be as tasty as last years. I also bought some strawberries there this week, as my neice want to make a trifle. I am curious to see how they taste- thoug I will say they smell great. I think I had the best Maine blueberries ever from there a few month ago.

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                      The other great thing about Wilson's is that every time I walk in the door, someone's there with a peach or a plum or a pear in hand, cutting slices and handing them out at the door. It's not unusual for me to come home to my wife and say, "You have to try this apple."


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                        Yup- had some awesome spinach thing a few weeks ago- and their chicken pie sample was pretty good, too.

                        1. re: macca

                          I was there on Thurs and they had a great deal on fresh Mozzarella. One container of 2 medium sized balls were $2.50 or 2 containers for $4.00. It's good too! I'm going back today for more.