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Nov 15, 2006 05:23 PM

Need A Kid Friendly Turkey Day Desert

This year, I relinquished Thanksgiving to my sister, as I'm about to embark on knee surgery. Figured it was a bit too much for me to deal with this year.

Anyway, I would like to make a desert. However she has all the usual suspects covered already. I realized, however, that the kids, of which there are many, do not really enjoy the typical desserts associated with Thanksgiving.

So, I'm looking for something more geared towards them - a chocolate delight would be great. Some fantastic brownie recipe perhaps. I had thought about doing my chewy ginger cookies - but my sister specifically asked me NOT to, since she herself isn't nuts about that type of flavor and knows her kids aren't either. They are, however, chocoholics, as are all my other neices and nephews.

I'm game for anything except a cake. Cookies, some kind of bar, brownies, etc., as long as it travels ok.


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  1. why not make a smores brownie. Find your favorite brownie recipe. Bake as usual. When still warm spread marshmallow fluff over brownie. Sprinkle with chocolate chunks or chopped hershey bars. Put in oven for a few minutes to melt chocolate. Sprinkle with some crushed graham cracker crumbs.

    You can bake & finish the whole thing in one of those foil pans.

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    1. re: sugarbuzz

      Great idea! Sounds pretty easy too!

    2. I don't know any kid who would turn down chocolate pudding with a dollop of whipped cream. You'd have to transport it in a cooler but I'd bet you would not have any leftovers.

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        Great idea, but I'm trying to avoid anything which needs to be refrigerated. I'm going to have a long drive and a stop over to a hotel first - so I need things which hold well. Too bad tho - pudding is always a pleaser!

      2. This year I'm making spiced molasses cookies with pumpkin ice cream sandwiches (I'm travelling with dry ice, eight hour drive to Utah). You could use another cookie flavor (oatmeal, cinnamon sugar, white chocolate chip and pecan) with pumpkin ice cream.

        1. Chocolate recipes appreciated please! The kids in my family dislike those "fall" spices and ingredients (i.e.; pumpkins, fruit pies). We had those covered for the adults already, as I wrote. That was my problem! Call them strange, but that's the situation. I'm trying to be a good Aunt!

          1. I have a recipe for chocolate peanut butter brownies where you dollop the peanut butter batter on top and swirl (like cream cheese brownies) that kids usually love. I chop up Reese's pb cups on top before baking. I can dig up the recipe if you'd like.