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Nov 15, 2006 05:18 PM

Patak brand pickles - where to find in NoVA/DC

I've had a craving for the hot/extra hot lime and mango pickles made by Patak's, but all I can find locally (HT, WF, Giant) are the chili and garlic pickles. They're tasty too, but I want to round out the experience.

I've also visited numerou halal and Indian spice/appliance stores, most recently the ones on Lee Highway in the same strip with Caribbean Grill. No luck there.

Any recommendations would be welcomed.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. I don't know where they are carried regularly, but i'm sure the Giant manager would be happy to order some for you if they're already carrying other versions of Patak brands.

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    1. re: weezycom

      Try Rodmans.There is one in DC on Wisconsin Ave and another in Rockville. They always carry the lime/mango pickles. Very yummy.

    2. Every time I see Patak pickles in a store, the next time I go there there is a different (very limited) selection, or they're sold out - you just gotta keep looking (this company needs a big improvement in their sales skills).

      Maybe you can find them more reliably online somewhere?

      Have you tried the Indian market in Skyline? (3800 block S. George Mason Drive)

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      1. re: wayne keyser

        Thanks. No, I wasn't aware there was an Indian market there. I hadn't done a search of the board or other sources for suggestions of Indian markets locally - NoVA/DC/MD. If you know of any others, please let me know.

        Thanks again for the suggestion.

        I figure I'll find the pickles I'm looking for somewhere at some point. I suppose too that when I see them next I ought to just stock up; that stuff keeps and keeps and keeps.

        Cocinero Cubano