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Nov 15, 2006 04:51 PM

Substituting blanched almond flour for almond paste?

I have a couple of holiday cake recipes that call for almond paste (one is a light fruitcake, the other is rainbow cookies), but I have 2lbs of blanched almond flour that I bought from Surfas last month that I was hoping to use up.

Is there any way that I can substitute blanched almond flour and sugar for the almond paste? Any idea what ratios would work?


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  1. I would start with the almond flour, half as much sugar by weight (or probably a third by volume, granulated sugar is around 7 oz per cup, I think almond flour is around 5), a little almond extract, maybe a small amount of oil, and then something sticky to get it together into that firm paste - honey or corn syrup. (I would use honey because I think corn syrup is gross, but you might not want that flavor.) Try a small batch either in a stand mixer or food processor and see if you think it'll work.

    1. Almond paste is usually equal amounts almonds & powdered sugar. Sometime egg whites are added to make it more moist. Others use corn syrup or glucose.
      Some almond extract added at the end & usually I'll add some orange zest depending on wht I'm using it for