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Nov 15, 2006 04:42 PM

Inexpensive but good lunch around Pike Place Market?

Looking for the best cheap eats in and around Pike Place Market area. I keep going back to the same places, Falafel King, Mee Sum, Mr. D's and Beecher's. There has to be better choices that won't cost me an arm and a leg for lunch right?

Looking between University and Pine, and First and Fifth. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Market Grill, Piroshky Piroshky, Cafe Yarmarka (for pierogies), El Puerco Lloron, La Buona Tavola (all in the Market).

    1. the Korean buffet (they charge by weight) at Century Square plaza between 3rd and 4th and Pike and Pine

      the food court upstairs at Pine and 4th (try the pad ki mao or pad see euw at Noodle Zone (Thai))

      1. if you like falafel king (who buys his gyro meat in boxes already cooked and sliced; mr. d's on pike place is much better) it should be easy to find other places you'll enjoy. right next door is the crumpet shop whose sandwiches (when their fresh bread is available) are the best in seattle. on the ground floor of the corner market, across from fero's meats, is a filipino lunch counter whose food i really like. 100 feet north, in the sanitary market next to the emerald kettle (whose food has been the worst in the market but new owners just took over...) is a vietnamese place whose name avoids me that is quite good and shockingly inexpensive.

        1. Agree with El Puerco Lloron and Cafe Yarmarka.

          If it's a nice day, my favorite market lunch is cheese from DeLaurenti's, bread from Le Panier, and fruit from Sosio's, all eaten at Steinbrueck Park.

          1. Agree with you seattledebs except I get a petite triple cream from beachers instead of DeLaurenti's and wait around all year for Sosio's Oh my god Peaches and Ambrosia Nectarines.