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Nov 15, 2006 04:24 PM

Sushi in Alameda?

Does anyone know of a Sushi place in Alameda open late?
Katsu is only open until 9:30...I was hoping for somewhere open later, as I never get home from work until 8:30.

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  1. Sushi House, Alameda. Here's my report w/ pics:

    Hrs: Su-Th 11a-10pm; Fr & Sat 11a-10:30pm

    1. Yume on Park. Very small,upstairs restaurant. Yume might be described as the total opposite of Sushi House (which I do like and frequent): quality versus quantity is the key difference between Yume and Sushi House. Both have their benefits at any given time and place!

      A friend of mine raved about Sakura (I think) that was right around the corner from Yume. I tried to go about a month ago and its like it closed. Anyone have any news?

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        I've heard good things about Yume as well. There must be half a dozen little sushi places along Park St. (or within a block on either side), but I'm not keen on sushi, so I haven't tried them.

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          Sakura owners relocated to Oregon and sold this business. I just noticed the grand opening sign a few days ago. Since the name is the same, and it was closed for a short time only, I would expect the setup and menu to be the same, at least initially. If I hear any word, I will post ~

        2. Yume is good, but it closes at 9:30 now and isn't quite as good as it used to be. Kamakura on Santa Clara closes at 10 and is just as good.

          1. Thanks for the guidance. We ended up at Kamakura last night, and had a fantastic time. Sat at the sushi bar, and let the man with the knife do the choosing for the most part.
            We were with a 15 year old, so he chose the Raider roll, which was ok (I'm not too into rolls). Rainbow roll was great, the Kamakura roll was dissapointing, but I assume great for what is was supposed to be.
            My moment came with my selection of two off the special board- Hamachi Toro (yellowtail belly) and Maragai (longneck clam).
            The belly was butter in my mouth- I had to get it twice. Fantsatic- the best I've ever had. The clam was terrific. Clamlicious, if I may.
            Our teenaged companion has a stomach that will not quit, so he continued on to the assorted sashimi plate with rice, which seemed to include a little of all the standards- he gobbledit quicker than we could attempt a taste, so I assume all was well.
            My BF added another special to his plate- the wild yellowtail, which was just as wonderful as expected, but couldn't hold a candle to the belly.
            Just as we thought we might for for one more round of the belly, sushi chef declared- All Out of Belly! Whoo. We just made it.
            I'll only be in CA for a couple more weeks, but I will most certainly hit Kamakura up at least once more before I leave.
            All in all, a great night, even for a tally of $100.
            LOVE the plum wine and fruit at the end! Our teen got a box of Japanese rice candy in place of the wine..a nice touch from Faith.