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Nov 15, 2006 04:09 PM

Best delivery options near wilshire & doheny

Any recommendations for any kind of food?

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  1. I live in that area. Our top delivery choices are:

    Rocco's (Wilshire/Crescent Heights) for pizza and very good antipasto salad.

    Tuk Tuk (Pico) for Thai (love the green papaya salad).

    Hoagie's and Wings (Venice/Fairfax) for chicken wings (try the lemon pepper!).

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      I was driving south on La Cienega from Wilshire the other day and noticed a Hoagies and Wings! I still have yet to try them but will definitely do so now that they're so close to me :)

    2. I work right on Doheney and Wilshire and lunchtime seems like a daily chore. We shrug our shoulders and tend to stick with our standby's because there are limited delivery options, and not all of them are amazing.

      These are our choices for lunch delivery:

      Lazy Daisy (Wilshire and Doheny)- Quick and easy sandwiches and salads
      Beverly Hills Market and Deli (Crescent and Dayton) - Large delivery menu, not bad food, quick delivery
      Cafe Connection (Wilshire and Palm) - Nothing special, but walking distance and they have hot food lunch specials
      Silk (Santa Monica and Charleville) - Thai. Very Americanized, cheap lunch specials.
      Bossa Nova (Beverly) - Brazilian-Californian. Good food, takes forever for delivery.
      Marchello's (Pico and La Cienega) - Our preference for Italian Sandwiches. Quick delivery, good value.
      Shah Abbas (San Vincente and La Cienega) - Persian food. Not terrible for lunch delivery.
      India's Grill (San Vincente and La Cienega) - Indian Food. Not terrible lunch specials. Quick delivery.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know of the new places you find because we are going crazy here too!

      1. Delivery service in your area called "On the Run" they deliver from local spots in your area. Check it out at

        1. Menupages has a function that lists restaurants that deliver based in certain geographical areas and for Beverly Hills they list 32 that deliver; many, most, but probably not all will go to Wilshire and Dohney:

          And it's an incomplete list.