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Nov 15, 2006 04:08 PM

Pizza Dissent-UWS

Sal and Carmines is too salty and the crust is too bland. (Had a slice Monday night at 9:00 PM if that makes a difference with "the right chef", "off-night", "better at lunch", etc.)

Rays on Columbus and 82nd (83rd?) tates like old-school, basic New York pizza. The plain slice easliy beats: Sal and C., Rigoletto, Traviata, and Francesco's, each of which have appeared on this board and all of which I have had in the past 72 hours (not side by side).

(Childhood memories from the taste of the Rays might have tipped the scale in their favor, but I'm sticking to my opinion.)

If you want to taste a slice from a time when ziti was not a pizza topping, the subways went very fast, and the cabs had jump seats, go to Rays.

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  1. Yes. I went back after making the rec because I wanted to make sure it was still good. It is still good. Even though, the other night when I went by at 8:30 they were out of plain slices and said they wouldn't have them for 30 minutes they are still my favorite on the UWS.

    1. i live on UWS and grew up in Bay Ridge (love Gino's on 4th Ave & 74th St) and have also lived in Jackson Heights Queens (love Tommy's on 37th & 77th -- good regular and great "special"/ Grandma slice). I haven't found any pizza that's close to what I'm used to ...

      we've been ordering from John's Diner on columbus/69 and it's okay, but it's from a diner! City Pie has okay crust but sauce that's too sweet. Ray's pizza has thicker crust than I like.

      Can anyone suggest a UWS place, even if it's not your favorite, that is comparable to average brooklyn pizza? and don't tell me dominoes brooklyn :)

      1. I lived around the corner from sal & carmines for one year prob had it every day, one of the best in nyc if not the best slice in Manhattan. Some slight variations on different occasions but overall. I was working in the neighborhood two months ago and revisited frequently so I am certain they are still great. However a fresh, not reheated slice is crucial. _No rays in NYC are worth mentioning

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          I'm clearly in the minority...but I found Sal & Carmines sub-par.

          Rays on Columbus and 83rd (only THAT Rays) is very good.

          1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

            In the hood they call the bald guy of Sal and Carmines the pizza sniper because of his lethal skills!

        2. The original comment has been removed