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Nov 15, 2006 04:00 PM

fresh cranberries in NW or Silver Spring?

Has anyone seen fresh cranberries at NW or Silver Spring grocery stores? Do you think I'll have better luck at the wkd farmers markets?

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  1. try Whole Foods. They have fresh cranberries at the Arlington store. I imagine most grocery stores in the area will have them this week with thanksgiving coming up. I don't know if the farmers markets around here have them as they are not grown locally (I think they are from massachusetts mostly).

    1. I second the Whole Foods suggestion. I go to the SS WF, and I know they have them around the holidays.

      1. Giants, Safeways and Magruders have them now. You should be able to find them everywhere right now.

        1. I don't think you're going to have any problem finding fresh cranberries here. We've had them for Thanksgiving dinner for over 20 years now and I think we always just get them at Giant or Safeway. I don't remember ever having to make a special search for them.

          1. Just saw them at Sniders in Silver Spring. I think they always have them.