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Nov 15, 2006 03:57 PM

Amadeus Bavarian Bierstube?

Has anybody tried this new "Bavarian pub" called "Amadeus Bavarian Bierstube" near Richmond and York? I just came across this Toronto Star review from last month, and despite the few misses they mentioned I'm thinking it might be fun to try. I know I like the beers, so I'm willing to give the food a shot, too, unless anyone has any dire warnings about this place.

Addendum: Just came across an old thread with some reviews, if you search on the full resto name you get nothing, but if you search just on "Amadeus" you get results. Strange.

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  1. Several bartowel members have visited the place already:

    1. Was there on a Saturday night a few weeks back. We ate on the right side - more casual. It was about 1/2 full. Didn't see how busy the more formal side was. Band was playing.

      For dinner, my hub had the farmers feast (lots of pork), I had breaded fried chicken, our other dining partners had schnitzel and the pork hock. We split the salmon starter - really tasty. Everything was nicely prepared. The one person with the German background had been there before with his parents and his parents loved it.

      Its a fun place to go especially if you polka.