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Pearl Oyster Bar or Mary's Fish Camp

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Which is better?

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  1. This question has come up before, so you may want to do a search. Personally, I'd say neither and go to Tides or Mermaid Inn instead. But if forced to choose, I'd go w/POB.

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      just my 2 ccents to add...i've had the lobster roll at The Mermaid Inn and Pearl O.B., the latter of which was considerably better.

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        The last lobster roll I had at Mermaid Inn was slightly tough and the bun was on the hard side. And it's a shame because I really love the decor and atmosphere at MI. POB has never let me down foodwise.

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          I'm not a big lobster roll fan, but I prefer MI to POB. Plus, I hate the shoestring fries at POB.

      2. I haven't been to either, but here's another big thumbs up for Tides.


        1. I'd got to POB, just because Mary's has awful service. The last time we were there, we actually got into an argument with Mary for the poor service.

          1. Yeah, Mary's staff have always been rude and "brisk". I would certainly choose Pearl's.

            1. Haven't been to Pearl. But, had three absolutely fantastic meals at Mary's this summer. With great and attentive service. It looks like YMMV.

              1. I think it depends on what you're in the mood for-- we like Pearl for lobster rolls and salads, and Mary's for fried fish and lobster knuckles.

                Personally, I've only ever had good service at Mary's, but I can understand how a long wait might not be for everyone.


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                  Actually the bad service I mentioned earlier wasn't the fact that we had to wait. I'm used to waiting 1-1.5 hours for POB, it's the fact that the last time we were at Mary's they rushed us through everything, they kept saying that they were running out of this and that so we had to order right away. 1 min after ordering, the apps and entrees came to the table and while putting them down the waitress said that they were running out of dessert so we better order that too (I was almost afraid that she would bring it out while we were eating apps). Mary's has a small space, and I can see taht they were rushing us just so they could have higher turn over. Problem is if I'm paying $100 for dinner, I want my hour to eat without rude service.

                2. What JoLi said is quite true, and this is not something "new" with Mary's. Its been mentioned many times on this board about their "brisk attitude". This can make or break a dinning experience for which your shelling out a good amount of $$$ for. . While i've heard positive responses about Mary's service, I’ve heard way more negative ones. I probably would not believe them if I hadn’t experienced it first hand.

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                    I've had the same experience. I'm not a lingerer, and it doesn't take me long to make up my mind on what to order, but we were rushed to order apps as soon as we sat down b/c the restaurant was on its last order of whatever.

                  2. I get that running out is frustrating-- but that's part of the way Mary's operates. They try to buy only what they know they'll sell, and when they're out of something they're out of it. I think it's more a planning issue than a service issue though, as when we've been told that there is only one order left of X, it makes sense to push for a quick decision on it when there are other diners who might, at that very second, order it and snap it up before you can get your request back to the kitchen. I can see how that might come off as brusque, though.

                    I'm also not saying that people haven't had bad service at Mary's-- clearly they may well have. I just think that having to make a quick decision about appetizers or a lobster roll comes with the territory and isn't about attitude as much as it is about planning and supply & demand.


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                    1. We went to Mary's repeatedly at different tines, different days...anything we wanted was gone. We had waited a while the last time, so we ate what they still had. All I can say is " eh". Nothing worth all that hype, the wait, or the trips.
                      I love Mermaid Inn! They are incredibly nice and the food is great.