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New Limited Menu @ All Star Sandwich Bar

Lookls like All Star needed to trim the menu down a bit.

Sandwiches they offer everyday:
Beef on Weck
Tuna Melt
Raost Beef
Hot Dog
Burgers (after 3pm)

Now they offer a daily sandwich of the day... (for example Wednesdays are Pastraminator, Saturdays are Atomic Meatloaf)

Not a vegetarian offering anywhere on the menu.

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  1. Thank god they kept the beef on weck. I think this makes sense -- they were having some quality issues with such a vast menu. Chris is a good businessman, probably came down to the $$$ necessary to keep all those high-end ingredients on hand.

    Has anyone tried the burger yet?

    1. I also noticed a sign the other night that they will soon be open on Sundays.

      1. Haven't tried the burger but did have the beef on weck a few days ago, great meat and weck roll with lots of caraway and salt (much better than some I've had in western NY - butter the top and sprinkle on the topping, yuck), requested a side of the juice for dipping and that wasn't a problem.

        I'm not surprised they cut back the menu, I wonder if some sort of "a la carte" sandwich creation choice would be an option?

        1. I'm pretty sure Chris has a personal vendetta against me. Every time I've been to ECG I've been unable to get a table or a spot at the bar. I tried to go to ASSBar on Saturday at 2pm and the line was out the door and around the corner.

          Would someone please detail a 30 minute window when the hordes will NOT be at ASSBar this week so I can go get a darn sandwich?

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          1. re: gini

            I went there at around 2-3pm last week, Wednesday or Thursday (then headed to Bukowski's for a beer after). At this time there were 5-6 tables open and the bar was clear. Mid afternoon is my favorite time to go to restaurants because they are so much more relaxed, of course not everywhere is open then.

            1. re: gini

              Could be because you're a Mets fan.

              No, really, you need to get to ECG early (6 p.m.) to be sure of a seat at the bar, although they do turn over quickly as people go to their tables so a seat will open up eventually.

              First time I went to ASSBar was around 1, it was very crowded although we got a spot at the little counter. Second time it was around 2 and also very crowded.

              Bottom line, it's not you, it's him.

              1. re: gini

                If you plan... and get there just before noon, there's never a problem...

                1. re: gini

                  I've been lucky a couple of times. I arrived literally just a few minutes before 12:00, and had no problem being seated. Then five-ten minutes later, the place was a madhouse.

                  Beef on Weck rules, BTW.

                2. Interesting that they've dropped their roast turkey extravaganza ("The Gobbler") from the everyday menu, when it's featured today in the center spread of the Globe's Sidekick section.

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                  1. re: BobB

                    No kidding, I love turkey sandwiches with real roast turkey but looks like I'm SOL.

                    1. re: Joanie

                      You can still get real roast turkey sandwiches at Whole Foods (at least the ones that have a sandwich counter), and I used to get them at DeLuca's market on Newbury when I worked in the area a few years ago.

                      1. re: Joanie

                        Andros diner offers roast-turkey sandwiches, but not "tres-chic" like ASSB, but its excellent to warm you up as the temperature drops. L Street diner is probably a bit closer and might hook you up with the previous nights turkey, but can be a bit variable. Artu doesn't offer turkey, but at least they have roast chicken instead of grilled chicken. Marc from Hidden Boston probably has other suggestions.

                        1. re: itaunas

                          I've posted about this before, but thought it deserved a mention again. You can get GREAT roast turkey sandwiches at My Diner in South Boston (just down the street from Mul's, on A street, just past the intersection of A & Broadway.) They vertically roast their turkeys every day and they offer fabulous turkey sandwiches as well as turkey dinners. Really good.

                    2. Are you kidding, that's it? They went from like 50 to 10? That sucks; what I did enjoy was the sheer range of options, which, while a bad sign at most types of restaurants, is a good thing at a sandwich place. Oh dear.

                      1. I've been three times, two of which were early lunches (noonish) on the weekend, the third being an early weeknight dinner (6:00ish), and was seated immediately twice and waited once for about ten minutes. Maybe I've been lucky, or maybe the trick is simply to go early. I'll also add that I waited a good month or so after they opened to work out the obvious kinks.

                        I've had the burger, which was very good, flavorful, juicy, cooked medium-rare, topped with cheddar, tomato, onion, & a nice big piece of boston lettuce. My only complaint was that the bulky roll on which it was served should have been toasted. As it was, it ended up getting a bit juicy and soggy.

                        I've also had the Cuban, which I enjoyed quite a bit (though I've never had the Chez Henri Cuban), the Atomic Meatloaf (very good), the BLT (also very good), and the Muffaletta (my least favorite, mostly because of it being served on slices of scali bread and not on the traditional round loaf). The fries are also excellent, as is the chili.


                        1. That totally sucks that you can't get the Atomic Meatloaf anymore. That's exactly what I wanted.

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                            Atomic meatloaf was great, as was the very very affordable pulled pork sandwich (which is really strange to see go because it's probably made at ECG anyway).

                            The last time I went was around 7:30 on one of the ECG hell nights, the ASSB was less than a third full.

                          2. This place is quickly slipping off the radar screen. Quality and value aside, how many times would any one go there given the now limited selection?

                            1. Does this look like a permanent change? I wonder if they might start to expand the menu again once they get their act together.

                              1. inman square is not in my day-today travels, so i've been keeping an eye on this place, and the more i read, the less inclined i've become to go -- except for the possibility of the gobbler. and now that seems to be gone it hardly seems worth the effort.

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                                1. re: wonderwoman

                                  it's certainly not worth a special trip, especially now that they've neutered the menu.

                                2. Are there really no vegetarian offerings? That's crazy talk! Oh well - just one more place I don't have to try:)

                                  1. It looks like they have a Grilled Cheese of the day offering on the chalkboard inside. That, fries, and salad are the veggie choices.

                                    Even ECG offers a whopping veg plate.

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                                    1. re: ponyboy

                                      That *is* odd. You'd think they'd have the standby moz/tomato or a portobello mushroom or something.

                                    2. I went back today after about 3 weeks and noticed the abbreviated menu.

                                      Quicker, more efficient service
                                      More consistent product

                                      less choice
                                      lack of veg options
                                      mean price has gone up with lack of other options
                                      have to go on certain days to get your favorite sandwich

                                      there are several "blackboard specials" (today there were 5-6) so that makes up somewhat for the items taken off the regular menu.

                                      I guess it is a situation of taking the good with the bad, but suprisingly it seems that High Rise is more affordable by about a buck a sandwich...

                                      1. What a disappointment!

                                        I've been meaning to add to this for a while. I took a friend to All Star a few Fridays ago because I'd peeked in and thought it looked adorable and I'd been eagerly checking out the reviews here and in the Globe. I have to say that our meal was actually just --bad--. Not mediocre, not okay, but truly bad. I ordered the fish sandwich and I couldn't eat more than a couple of bites. The fish did not taste fresh and I was frightened to eat it, and I actually have no problem gobbling up sketchy-looking street food around the globe, so that's saying something. My date's burger was dry and as she said "No way are we racing back to that place again!"

                                        Could it have just been an off night?

                                        I work right near Inman so I had hoped to add this to my go-to places. It's really a shame, because the ambiance was funky and cool, great for a casual Friday night dinner, and the wait staff was incredibly friendly and attentive.


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                                        1. re: foxy fairy

                                          I personally have not had the kind of issues reported by some, though clearly they happen. Reviews have been decidedly mixed since they opened, though I think the ratio of positive to negative is increasing. On opening they were widely panned on the board.


                                        2. final verdict (mine, at least), i think. i live two blocks away and despite the hype, reconfigured menu, and overall anticipation- the allstar sandwich is a bust. too uneven and over-priced. no vendetta here- i really wanted to like the place. it turns out that it was more gimmick and less about the food. at these prices (for sandwiches) the food cant be an afterthought, which it is. too bad, really.

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                                          1. re: trembler

                                            i only went once, but i shared your feeling. i felt like my sandwich wasn't just a misfire--it was willfully low quality. the place seems to do good business when i walk by, so whatever.

                                            1. re: fenian

                                              For all the bad reviews here's a good one. I've been there three times now, twice for takeout and once to eat in. All three times I've been quite satisfied with my sandwich and didn't feel like i was being charged too much. It sounds like their main problem is consistency, but they've been 3 for 3 for me and i'm sure ill go back sooner rather than later.

                                          2. Third time for me today, and it's improved every time. Today, one companion's Cuban sandwich was miles better than the one I had here a couple of months ago, another companion wolfed down her hamburger so fast I didn't have a chance to inspect it (much less mooch a bite), and my "Gobbler" was a pitch-perfect evocation of the morning-after-Thanksgiving. The fries are sublime and the service was very friendly and efficient.

                                            1. I'm sorry, but WTF?! This is a SANDWICH shop, not fine dining, and they're really going to claim that more than 10 sandwiches is too hard for them?!! And one of those 10 is a HOT DOG?! Sandwiches are all about the prep chef...during the day it's just assembly and heating (toast or press). I can list off a hundreds of small restaurants in Boston that have far more ambitious menus and equally expensive ingredients that seem to handle it just fine (just look at any cheap little italian red sauce joint). I can understand that they want to cull down to the most popular choices, but only 10 is an embaressment.....also the simple ones they took off should not have been a distraction to the staff anyway. The Pastraminator for example, during the day, only equals = take pre-cut slices of pastrami out of warm bin, toast bread, scoop mustard, assemble. If you need more prep-cooks, then hire them, but no ones going to go to a sandwich shop with only 10 sandwiches (Arams Sub across the street has a better selection for pete's sake).

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                                              1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                                WTF is right. How they screwed this up is beyond me. Why they dont fix it simply means to me that they dont GET IT!