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Nov 15, 2006 03:52 PM

New Limited Menu @ All Star Sandwich Bar

Lookls like All Star needed to trim the menu down a bit.

Sandwiches they offer everyday:
Beef on Weck
Tuna Melt
Raost Beef
Hot Dog
Burgers (after 3pm)

Now they offer a daily sandwich of the day... (for example Wednesdays are Pastraminator, Saturdays are Atomic Meatloaf)

Not a vegetarian offering anywhere on the menu.

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  1. Thank god they kept the beef on weck. I think this makes sense -- they were having some quality issues with such a vast menu. Chris is a good businessman, probably came down to the $$$ necessary to keep all those high-end ingredients on hand.

    Has anyone tried the burger yet?

    1. I also noticed a sign the other night that they will soon be open on Sundays.

      1. Haven't tried the burger but did have the beef on weck a few days ago, great meat and weck roll with lots of caraway and salt (much better than some I've had in western NY - butter the top and sprinkle on the topping, yuck), requested a side of the juice for dipping and that wasn't a problem.

        I'm not surprised they cut back the menu, I wonder if some sort of "a la carte" sandwich creation choice would be an option?

        1. I'm pretty sure Chris has a personal vendetta against me. Every time I've been to ECG I've been unable to get a table or a spot at the bar. I tried to go to ASSBar on Saturday at 2pm and the line was out the door and around the corner.

          Would someone please detail a 30 minute window when the hordes will NOT be at ASSBar this week so I can go get a darn sandwich?

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          1. re: gini

            I went there at around 2-3pm last week, Wednesday or Thursday (then headed to Bukowski's for a beer after). At this time there were 5-6 tables open and the bar was clear. Mid afternoon is my favorite time to go to restaurants because they are so much more relaxed, of course not everywhere is open then.

            1. re: gini

              Could be because you're a Mets fan.

              No, really, you need to get to ECG early (6 p.m.) to be sure of a seat at the bar, although they do turn over quickly as people go to their tables so a seat will open up eventually.

              First time I went to ASSBar was around 1, it was very crowded although we got a spot at the little counter. Second time it was around 2 and also very crowded.

              Bottom line, it's not you, it's him.

              1. re: gini

                If you plan... and get there just before noon, there's never a problem...

                1. re: gini

                  I've been lucky a couple of times. I arrived literally just a few minutes before 12:00, and had no problem being seated. Then five-ten minutes later, the place was a madhouse.

                  Beef on Weck rules, BTW.

                2. Interesting that they've dropped their roast turkey extravaganza ("The Gobbler") from the everyday menu, when it's featured today in the center spread of the Globe's Sidekick section.

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                  1. re: BobB

                    No kidding, I love turkey sandwiches with real roast turkey but looks like I'm SOL.

                    1. re: Joanie

                      You can still get real roast turkey sandwiches at Whole Foods (at least the ones that have a sandwich counter), and I used to get them at DeLuca's market on Newbury when I worked in the area a few years ago.

                      1. re: Joanie

                        Andros diner offers roast-turkey sandwiches, but not "tres-chic" like ASSB, but its excellent to warm you up as the temperature drops. L Street diner is probably a bit closer and might hook you up with the previous nights turkey, but can be a bit variable. Artu doesn't offer turkey, but at least they have roast chicken instead of grilled chicken. Marc from Hidden Boston probably has other suggestions.

                        1. re: itaunas

                          I've posted about this before, but thought it deserved a mention again. You can get GREAT roast turkey sandwiches at My Diner in South Boston (just down the street from Mul's, on A street, just past the intersection of A & Broadway.) They vertically roast their turkeys every day and they offer fabulous turkey sandwiches as well as turkey dinners. Really good.