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Nov 15, 2006 03:32 PM

Mail order fruit

I would like to get a gift of a nice fruit box/basket for friends who recently let me stay with them during a vacation. Aside from Harry & David, I haven't tried any other mail order fruit. Recommendations? I cannot go over the top on price, but I'd be comfortable spending $50-$60 or so for something nice and of good quality. Is this doable?

Thank you!

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  1. I posted yesterday asking a similar question -- I found a basket I liked at but I wanted to know if any hounds had any experience with them. Here's the page with their fruit baskets:

    1. I once had Harry and David pears and they were divine. But I got their catalog the other day and some simple math worked out that the price of each pear (when you include postage) was around $7. If you make minimum wage you'd have to work about an hour and a half for one of those pears. Their pears are grown in southern Oregon. What I want is to find out the name of the anonymous farmer who is growning pears across the road from Harry & David's place and find out how much they want for one of their pears. They must be almost as good. Maybe we could work something out. Anybody know the contact info. for any other, less expensive, fruit purveyors in southern Oregon?

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        Niki - where do you live? Is fresh fruit hard to get in your area? My cousin used to give me Harry and David fruit for Christmas until I asked her to stop - all of the fruits were so hard and tasteless! And since I live in the SF Bay Area, cheap and excellent seasonal fruit is not hard to find. Or, maybe it's just me. I did like the Harry and David candy, moose munches, and snack mixes, even though they were expensive after you added in shipping and handling charges.

        1. re: Claudette

          Such a coincidence - I live in SF too. But I find that most of the non-citrus fruit I buy, with the exception of grapes and apples (and I don't think the apples are all that wonderful) - is pretty terrible. I shop at the largish Chinese or Latino produce stores, generally in the Mission, but recently I've been very pleased having discovered the 22nd. & Irving market. But the plums, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, strawberries - were all so expensive this last season and would tend to somehow go directly from unripe to rotten without ever stopping at the ripe stage. I have tried ripening stone fruit in a paper bag with bananas - the whole bit. I feel rather desperate at this point, in fact. And I really can't afford the Ferry Building. Any ideas?

          1. re: niki rothman

            The original Farmers Market is very inexpensive and a completely different type of patron than the Ferry Bldg's upscale clientele. I've been going on and off to the Alameda Avenue/Street market on Saturday for years when I want to get inexpensive veggies. You can find unusual items that are for the diverse cultures of the city. The veggies and fruit may not be as perfect as what you find at the Ferry Bldg but you'll find amazing bargains.

            There are so many Farmer's Markets now in the city that the list is too long to repeat here. Google San Francisco and Farmer Markets and you'll see what I mean. I'd never buy from a store other than one that buys exclusively from local farmers. That type of fruit is picked too young and gets bruised in transit. That's the concept of farmer's markets: you support local farmers and benefit by getting "real" tasting fruit or veggies.

            1. re: niki rothman

              You can take a weekend getaway and pickup a bunch of fruit while you're out there. There's a fruit trail starting in Fresno with amazing orchards:
              Nectarines, peaches, oranges, lemons, almonds, plums...

              Also, have you checked out the Alemany Farmer's Market? The produce is quite good and you can sample.

        2. Take a look at Manhattan Fruitier.

          Most of their price points are higher than what you had in mind, although not all, and there are some offerings that can only be delivered to NYC and LA. But their fruit, nuts, and candies are wonderful and the packaging exquisite. I used to send these for corporate gifts and even cynical business people were charmed.

          1. If you want to send apples and pears, and much more, come right to your fruit country in Wenatchee, WA. I have done business with a local company called Pak It Rite:


            They are friendly people and do a great mail order busines

            Jane in Wenatchee (of course!)

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