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Nov 15, 2006 03:08 PM

Where to buy T-Day fixings in PHX?

I've been tasked with cooking a turkey breast or two for a Thanksgiving potluck and was wondering if:

a. there are any local farms or other purveyors/sources who sell really good product?

b. if not, any recs on what's available at traditional and boutique grocers (Frys/Sprouts/whole foods/etc)?

Also, any recs on other t-day staples? For example, is the mid-week farmer's market on camelback worth a visit for supplies?

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  1. Rancho Pinot Grill sells Heritage Turkeys that Chef Chryssa Kaufman raves about.

    Town and Country Farmers Market that features McClendon's Select produce is the way to go. Chefs Chris Bianco and Nobuo Fukuda shop there every Wednesday.

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    1. re: Molto E

      I'm confused -- does Rancho Pinot Grill sell raw turkeys, or are you talking about cooked?

      Anyplace else in Phx I might find a whole Heritage Turkey?

      1. re: firecooked

        chrysa is more like a clearing house - she'll facilitate order taking via heritage foods or another local provider, then be a drop off spot for them.

        at the downtown farmers market terry who used to run the garden territory at the farm at south mountain was taking orders for heritage turkeys. she said she'd be there again.

    2. AJ's has a locally raised turkey (whole & breast), but I forget the farm's name. Wife always gets a breast and they have been delish. Give one of their butcher shops a call, and if they sound like something you might like, make a reservation.

      1. The Town and Country farmer's market is like most in the PHX area -- one or two actual produce vendors outnumbered by a dozen or so vendors of arts and crafts and other non-food items. I agree that McClendon sells good produce -- both on Wednesdays at Town and Country and on Saturdays at the downtown Public Market -- but don't be surprised if it is just about the only vendor you end up buying from. I don't meant to be negative. I love living in Phoenix for many reasons, but our local farmer's markets are not among them. Despite the increasingly popular thinking that food should be locally grown, it may not be realistic to expect bountiful farmer's markets in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

        You may wish to look into Young's Farm for your turkey. The farm is likely to close at the end of the year, but is still in operation this Thanksgiving:

        If you don't wish to make the trip to Dewey, I believe that Young's Farm product is available through A.J.'s and other stores.

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        1. re: silverbear

          Thank you for filling in the blank in my earlier post. My wife has just confirmed that the turkeys that she gets from AJs are, in fact, Young's Farm turkeys.


        2. Silverbear,

          At this point at the Town and Country Farmers Market, McClendon is the only purveyor because he is only purveyor that anyone bought from. Bob does not sell his produce at the Saturday downtown market. His produce is used at most of the top restaurants in town and Alex Stratta has it sent to him in Las Vegas so that rates high in my book. AJ's does carry Young's Farm Products.

          Molto E

          Molto E

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            I used to see McClendon at the Public Market downtown, but it's been a while since my last visit to the Public Market, so I appreciate the update. I agree that the McClendon produce is excellent. I bought some kale and chard at T&C two days ago, and both are of the highest quality; I wish I could say the same for the farmer's market as a whole, but better to have one good vendor than none.