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Nov 15, 2006 03:02 PM

Pizza, etc in Kingston NY, and surroundings

I'm visiting Kingston this weekend, and am anxious to try some real NY style pizza that I got when I lived there. Who are the top contenders where I can buy a slice?
Also, I'd love some recommendations on where to eat and past posts prove that this is a constantly changing list, and there may be some new ones.
Most importantly, where do I get a decent cup of coffee, I don't think Starbucks is there yet?

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  1. BRIO'S up the road a ways (Route 28, then turn right into village of Phoenicia) does a fine wood-burning oven pizza...many varieties you can buy by-the-slice.

    They make 'em with a flavorful, sesame-studded crust, very old-fashioned.

    1. Ahhhhh....Coffee In Kingston there's Monkey Joe's on Broadway midtown, Starbucks is served at Joyous cafe across from the UPACTheater, and on rte 28 (between Kingston & Woodstock near Alternative Video) there's Catskill Morning Coffee.

      For Pizza: I like Picnic Pizza just off the traffic circle on Washington (and also on rte 209 heading towards Accord). They make many different toppings--spinach, eggplant, as well as the their brick ovens. (In New Paltz there is another pizza place by the Cinema that makes great eggplant pizza)
      Also, La Florentina's brick oven pizza is a family fav (On Albany Ave heading towards the dreaded malls) as is Di Bella's Pizza (on Washington Ave closer to rt 32)



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        Are you insane?!? Picnic Pizza is a dump! The pizza tastes like burnt rubber, the morons behind the counter are surly and unhelpful, it takes forever to get anything (I called in an order one time and waited 35 mins before going to pick it up. The place was empty and it still took them 15 minutes to give me the pizza- I suspect they don't actually make it until you show up) and the food is insanely overpriced! Do a Google search for Kingston, NY Pizza and you'll find zero recommendations for Picnic. I don't know anyone who goes there especially when there's Plaza, Savonas, COSIMOS(!!) and so much other good pizza nearby. I gave up on Picnic long ago... why torture yourself?

      2. if you want "real NY style" pizza then I suggest Four Seasons, which is located in a strip mall set back off Rt. 9W in the same large parking area where Staples and Burlington Coat Factory are located near the 9W interchange with Rt. 209/199. The decor and atmosphere are nothing special, in fact it is very plain. This is a family owned and run pizzeria that does not offer any type of haute cuisine and uses the kind of pizza ovens you see in traditional NYC pizza joints, not wood-burning ovens that produce thin crispy crusts with avant garde ingredients (if that is your goal then I suggest the great pies at Cosimo's Brick Oven downtown; this is part of the Cosimo's empire of restaurants in Ulster and Dutchess Counties). Four Seasons' neapolitan pie is out of this world, especially if it is made by the older gentleman who is almost always there (his two daughters run the cashier and back kitchen, and occasionally his wife is there as well.). The Sicilian pie is good too, especially when a pie is just out of the oven. I typically hit it at lunch time for a slice or two with a soft drink while shopping nearby.

        if you are on the east side of the Hudson, Village Pizza in both Red Hook and Rhinebeck come pretty close to Four Seasons quality. The Rhinebeck spot offers a "city-style" slice with pepperoni, bacon, and sausagethat is a carnivore's delight.

        1. Great suggestions, all! I've always seen Picnic Pizza when staying at the Holiday Inn, but never heard anything about it. This time I'll be at the Marriot, right near the Four Seasons, with easy access to all the others too!
          I think I ate at one of the Cosimo's restaurants in late July, just off Greenkill Ave near the Broadway underpass, and was impressed with the pasta dishes. Thanks!

          1. I recommend Lorenzo's on route 28 near the thruway. It's only about six months old but they serve excellent New York style Pizza served in a clean atmosphere. Better than most of those mentioned.