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Nov 15, 2006 02:52 PM

WINGS Merrimack Valley, Southern NH

Looking for great bone-in chicken wings (not the ubiquitous boneless and/or Buffalo style, tenders or not). Would appreciate suggestions within, say, a 20 mile radius of Methuen, MA (right on the MA/NH border). Would also appreciate suggestions of places where I might also get them to-go.

Sock 'em to me.

PS appreciated all your BBQ suggestions

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  1. Hooters in Salem, NH for wings.

    There is also a fairly new take-out BBQ place in Methuen called Smokehouse BBQ or something like that. I haven't been yet, but some of my friends tell me they have pretty decent BBQ and wings.

    1. I would be OVER THE MOON if they opened a decent BBQ joint in Methuen. I'll hunt around for it. Is Hooters still open? I was told (but don't know for sure) they shut up shop in Salem and a Famous Dave's BBQ was coming there?

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        I'm pretty sure Hooters is still open in Salem. The Smokehouse BBQ place is near the downtown area sort of across the street from the Fire Station.

      2. I think I know just where you're describing. Used to be Five Corner subs or something....there's a gas station across the street. Excellent, I'll try there. Thank you!

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          yes...thats the place. if you go and try some bbq please post your thoughts.

          Also in in North Reading there is the Horseshoe Grille which does BBQ. I haven't been there in a while, but they used to have decent BBQ, and it's in the range of your radius.

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            One more place for your consideration. It is in Rowley, MA but probably the best place for BBQ in this general area is American BBQ.

        2. Thx Info....Just checked out the Horseshoe Grille and Amer. BBQ menus (thanks for the American...the other is also online!) and saw a chicken that made my mouth water. Probably will try the Smokehouse wings before the weekend and American BBQ sounds like a roadtrip...i'll report back!

          1. Here's an odd rec...

            Have you tried the broasted wings served at Shaw's supermarket? (Please, don't click off this post yet - I'm serious!...)

            They cook 'em up fresh every day, the batter is thick, like KFC, but much better. The price is right, and you can get wings, breasts and thighs if you get tired of wings.

            These "broasted" chickens really are underrated, probably because of the supermarket setting.

            Some Shaw's don't have the broasted chicken, but both Shaw's in Nashua do.